Monday, January 19, 2009

i pulled it off...

friday i made a little impromptu trip to dothan. my brother called me last week on saturday and said "if i throw daddy

(AKA "Pop") a surprise party for his 60th birthday, do you think you could come?" well, i knew micah didn't have any time off and i have never made that long trip alone with kids. i thought about taking the boys with me (never even thought to take the sis b/c of the terrible long trip rider she is). but in the end, it just made more sense for me to go alone. after all, mama deserved the break and i knew i wanted to come home the next morning b/c it is also micah's birthday weekend. so i lined up my MIL to watch the kiddies that afternoon until micah could come home. (let's just go ahead and give him some kudos. the man had all 3 for 30 hours alone. he always does a great job and i knew he wouldn't have a problem this time...oh, and add in the fact that someone wanted to look at our house on saturday!!) i left at 1:15 and was coming over the hill into midland city (where we normally turn to go to pop's house) at 5:30. that's right. a trip that normally takes me 6 hours with everyone...4 hours & 15 minutes. why? because i can "hold it" like a camel! anyway, i was early since i didn't need to be at the restaurant until 6:45. so i wasted some time (trying to work the hitch out of my giddy-up) at target and best buy. why best buy? because i wanted this cd, and is worth the buy. i don't normally say that. but there is only ONE song on that whole cd that i don't care for. otherwise, i'm all about it. anywho, i digress...
so my brother, scott, and i are calling back and forth so that i'll know when to make my entrance. i go all super sleuth and park on the other side of the building and hide in the back of my van just in case. after i see that every one is in, that is when i make my move (in the mean time forgetting my camera). i just waltz in like nothing is happening. in that room are all of daddy's brothers and sisters that are local and some of my cousins and their kids. NO ONE knew i was coming. fortunately daddy had his back to me. everyone else saw me and said "hey!!!" and pop turned around and was soooooo surprised!! he said "where did you come from ?"and nearly knocked me over giving me a hug. i was praying a big deal wasn't gonna be made over not bringing the kids. but once i said where they were and why i didn't bring them, they were good. (i mean, i can be enough of a surprise, right??)
after supper, i went to scott's house to spend the night and we played guitar hero. yall, for someone with natural musical ability, i BITE...BIG at that game. i get all distracted by everyone else's strumming. especially scott, who i am certain is really beating that thing. but my SIL sherri, she can get it. they are so funny! the next morning i got to have breakfast alone with my mom, which we never get to do and then we all went to the big event. upward basketball for my nephews.

that is always a hoot!! but they sure were glad and proud that their "aunt (said ain't) beckbeck was there to cheer and take pictures. (even though my camera died during the first game!)
then it was time for my short trip to come to an end. time to head north. and i was missing my lovelies back home. i did stop in troy for a very quick lunch. my friends had other places to be, so not much visiting was really done this time. (yes they read this blog, and no i don't care. my feelings are still a little hurt.) they can come see me next time. (that was ugly wasn't it? oh well...i'll get over it in a few days.) but thankfully my trip was uneventful. i got to listen to lots of Bible with Ginger Plowman's cds that i finally got to (Reaching The Heart of Your Child) on Biblical discipline. i highly recommend you get these or get her book that they are based on "Don't Make Me Count to Three". very good. also i got to start on some of Beth Moore's study "Stepping Up" on the psalms of the ascent (Ps. 120-134). all in all a good trip.
news from home...

sister started babbling her second "word"...bubba. SERIOUSLY????? such a traitor. but i was welcomed home by her in a big way. she nearly jumped out of micah's arms into mine where she proceeded to bury her head in my neck while giving me a death grip of a hug. that's right...she knows how to hug a neck...HARD!! and all the while she was pumping her little legs in delight. have i mentioned how i LOVE that girl??? the boys were just wondering if i brought them something. yeah, they also adore a break from mama!! we call that "good trip!"
in the mean time, yall pray for me. our house is showing like crazy. but it is getting on my nerves big time because all of these people "need to sell their house first". i don't have time for that. i'm not looking until i know i have a real prospect for mine. i wish they would do the same!! i don't have patience for browsers. sounds awful, huh? well, that is the attitude i have gotten when for the last two weekends, in addition to the appointments that were made, i have had others just show up on my door step. why would anyone think that is OK? i want to put a sign out that says "look...i can afford my house. i just have a ton of kids and would like a little more room. only those who are ready to make an offer need apply..."
that's bad. anyway, better go get my happy face on. i bet i know what would help...the 13 best reasons to visit dothan. L-O-Y-L-E-S-S--D-O-N-U-T-S!!!

and i said 13 because that is how many letters it has and how many donuts he gave me. i noshed on the holes on the way home. i was sweet and offered my mama one that morning. yes. i said one. we were on the way to breakfast. she didn't need anymore. cause i do, right?? they were actually the treat i brought for my hubby for being so willing to keep all 3 kids (even though i offered him an out.) i'm assuming they were worth it. they usually are!!


Tara said...

Sounds like you had a great time! Yes, you are musically inclined. I remember I could never "knock" you out of 1st chair in Mrs. Whetstone's band class! But after I got braces, it was all over with anyway :) I went from 2nd chair to last!! Good memories!!
I'm glad to hear you made the trip back and forth safely!

Darby said...

Yay for you! Next time we will see eachother, ok? Now...I need to get these Ginger Plowman cds... off to amazon to look! So glad you had a wonderful whirlwind of a weekend!!

Kelley said...

Yay for you and not traveling with kids! Glad you had fun. It's nice for moms to get away for a bit every once in awhile, especially while they are all so small and require soooo much of your time, effort and energy.
Love GINGER PLOWMAN! Wonder where you heard her?

Hillary @ The Dunham Diaries said...

I think those Ginger Plowman CDs sound great, too! I'll have to look into those.
Now- more importantly- where did you eat in Troy? Our usual these days is Zaxby's- which wasn't even around when we were there!!
And, I, too, have made it in 4 hr 15 min, my friend- from HUNTSVILLE- not just Athens. Oh yes. Bladder of steel.
And, I have to try Guitar Hero. I'm afraid I'm going to stink, so I keep avoiding it.
There was one more thing I was going to say, but I forgot. I'll e-mail you.
WV: unthee- what you call underwear if you have a lisp- "Unthees"

aedozier said...

Loyless ROCKS!!! There is NO OTHER doughnut in the world that compares. I laugh when people talk about Krispy Creme or Duncan Doughnuts. They've just not had Loyless!
Glad your trip home was great and safe! We are headed that way next weekend. I too am looking forward to turning at the hill in Midland City!

Tambo said...

I am sorry that I did not get to spend much time with you. I am going to miss Alyssa's ballgame this weekend because I have to work in Dothan. I know I have been a terrible friend and need to travel more to visit and will try and do better this year. I will be checking out those cds online that sound like they would be a great thing for listening and apply to my daily life.

Tara said...

Loyless is missed by all!

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