Monday, January 26, 2009

pray for this family too!

yet another friend of a friend. pray for this baby. pray for this family. if for no other reason, i am so very thankful and greatful we had our NICU experience with ally claire. if for no other reason, it heightened my urgency to pray for any family, any baby, any child that needs prayer. if i can't do anything else...that is what i can do. and i ask that you do it too.


Susannah said...

I will! Take a look at baby Preston King, he's SOOOO much better! Hooray!

becky said...

i KNOW!!!! how awesome is our God!

Tara said...

I read their blog. I will be praying for them. Thanks for sharing the link to let us know. By the way, my sister is a blog stalker and said this weekend she loves reading your blog!

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