Wednesday, January 28, 2009

He has done marvelous things!!

yall don't forget to check on all these folks we've been praying for. He is showin' out in a big way with these babies!! it just makes me cry all over again. i guess that completely raw feeling never goes away. and that is a-ok with me!


Hillary @ The Dunham Diaries said...

Did you read about Harper today! I was comment #638, but I still felt like I had to do a huge praise dance for them in the comments section!!! AWESOME!

Susannah said...

I know! Thank you GOD!! He is still doing marvelous works! I still feel the same way...cry about babies being born and especially when they are in the NICU. This has become my new obsession-checking on all these people on our prayer list. ;)

Lindsey said...

thanks for your prayers becky! i wanted your opinion on something useful i could send mom, dad and the triplets. they technically were my step-uncle and aunt until my step-dad left my mom a year or so ago. but i still consider them family. send me an email with ideas for gifts if you have time. they'll be in the hospital for at least a month from what i hear.

becky said...

i emailed you linds.

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