Thursday, January 15, 2009

tell me your favoritest favorite...

i have noticed so many of us are lovin' Beth Moore. (i noticed b/c she is on your blog roll. she is in my favorites as well.) She really has a unique way of teaching, doesn't she? That is why i just adore her. she knows my Jesus and knows how to teach me so that I can get Him and know Him too. I find myself getting jealous that I don't live in houston for regular Bible study. 'member how in college, you could usually find one teacher that really knew how you needed to hear things so that you could learn 'em? that is how i feel about her. i have been blessed to go to more than one of her events. Jesus surely comes with her b/c surely He knows I'm gonna be there and knows i NEED HIM.

anywho...tell me your favorite study by her that you have done. or tell me which one you want to do. tell me why. i feel like this is an area that i need to get to know you more. we are sisters, right? a favorite for me is "A Woman's Heart: God's Dwelling Place". I really get a lot out of the life of David. You can still be a sinner and be a person after God's heart.


Susannah said...

I don't even know her, but sure am going to try and learn something about her. Thanks for all the advice girl! You're the best! And yes, I did have those teacher who just taught you one way and you got it.;)

Kelley said...

Ditto. We've done a couple series of hers at church. I wasn't able to attend the last one though.

Ashleigh Thompson said...

I love her too! I went to Deeper Still this year w/ she, priscilla shirer and kay arthur- Wow!
I am currently doing her study- Jesus, the one & only. Awesome!!

About the saus cheese biscuits, you know you can freeze them cooked too? I usually freeze mine already cooked and just microwave a few for about 1 minute- yummo!

Hillary @ The Dunham Diaries said...

My fav was Believing God, but I am DYING to do Ester, but it's being offered right now at the same time that we teach youth on Sunday nights.
Yes. I heart Beth. I haven't put in my verse for the 1st and 15th verse memorization thing, yet and i need to do it tomorrow.

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