Thursday, January 22, 2009

thankful i'm a stalker

i am so glad i'm a stalker. because i read tara's blog, i found angie's blog, who led me to brandi's blog and big mama's blog (see i told yall i have serious issues.) anyway, because i'm such a loyal stalker, i found out that is is being declared the year of the scarf. SOOOOOOO glad i knew. so i marched my hiney to walmart for said $5 dollar scarves and proceded to buy 4. see, i have a hard time with scarves. i had 2 given to me that were knitted. wellllll, i'm not good with the knitted kind. they itch me to death. i am CERTAIN i would NOT make a good sheep. i'd be on benedryl for being allergic to myself. however, these cotton scarves are THE BEST. they are thin so they aren't too hot. and on a day like today that was great for just a long sleeve tee but there was some wind, it was PERFECT!! and i will go on record as saying that i was looking super fly walking out of the dr's office, into walmart and into MMO in my long sleeve tee, my scarf, my big glasses and my flippy new do. i felt like a cute mama today. not like the worn out one i usually am by the time thursday gets here.

so friends, i am a PROUD stalker because this time, it has kept me in the know!! hillary, go get ya one and wear it on our girl date next week. we'll take pics! (if yall made it through all of those links, i will whip you up a blog merrit badge for also being a proud stalker!!)


Susannah said...

Girl, I'm a stalker too! It's SOOO hard not to be though! I want to see a pic of your cute, flippy do, and your cool scarf! I bet you were cute!;)

Hillary @ The Dunham Diaries said...

I could have told you about Big Mama's blog, my friend. She is awesome.
And I am ALL OVER a scarf. I wear them every day!
AND... I'm putting my links back up at some point b/c reader is driving me crazy.
What day did we decide? Monday night? That woudl be GREAT for me! My cell is 508-6998.
WV: ineos- when you put Cheerios in your belly button that is an innie.

becky said...

shoulda known hill! yes ma'am...6:30, monday, changs, camera, scarf. good times. others should be jealous that we live so close.

Tony and Susan said...

how funny! i'm glad you felt like a rockin sexy mama today! a chick at school told me i have a square body and should wear boy cut jeans...what? i can honestly say that since i had the babies, i have been both complimented and insulted on my body more than ever in my life!

Gray Matters said...

so funny - I'm feeling a little stalkerish myself. It seems we visit a lot of the same blogs so I thought I'd say hello!

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