Saturday, January 24, 2009

adding to the prayer list

we sure have a lot of people that need lifting up right now. little harper, and the king quads from blogs that i stalk. darby's friend patrick. and i have 2 of my own. i recieved a call that one of my cousins (that is old enough to be an uncle...put it like this...daddy is one of 10. i have 21 first cousins on that side. i don't really know this cousin that well.) however, my brother said that one of my cousins killed himself last night. so my family just needs some prayers. and my first college roommate, ginny, who is a regular blog stalker for several of you {thanks to me ;-) } called and her daughter, jamie who is 17, had an MRI done yesterday on her back because they believe she has a fluid filled cyst on her spine. they aren't certain if there are any additional tumors because of the type of MRI done. so they are sending her to children's in birmingham to get a "wet" MRI. if there are additional tumors, then they will most likely be cancerous. jamie had cancer as a child (around age 3-4 i think). she had a wilms' tumor. please pray for ginny and her family. ginny is a go getter and tries so hard to be everything to everyone. right now she just needs to be a mommy for her daughter. so please, because i know you are all prayer warriors, lift these folks up. even if it is just once right this very second. the power is in the ONE who hears our prayers, not in any of us who actually say them. but He wants us to ask.


Ivy said...

Praying in Tallahassee!

Susannah said...

YOu are so right! Thanks girl! You are SUCH a great and true friend-ALWAYS!! That is true about once you have a child in NICU, everything changes. I will pitch in with footprints. Have you started with the Huntsville chapter yet? Love ya;)

Darby said...

Hey Becky,
I will certainly be praying for your family and for Ginny and her family! Thanks for letting us know!!!!!

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