Friday, November 7, 2008

praying for our kids

i don't know about yall, but sometimes at the end of my day, i'm not even sure what else to pray for my kids about. there is the obvious of keeping them safe and healthy and for their future. but a LOT of times, i forget to pray for the virtues that i hope are bound up in their little hearts. i found this (after spying it on the fridge of jon & kate gosselin...yes i'm an addict and secretly long to be their friend.) and have placed it on our fridge. so that way, everytime i am fixing a cup or getting out a pudding (which as yall know is multiple times a day) i take a quick glance and can say a specific prayer for my little'uns.

hope yall have a great weekend!!
(that's baby becky, and not ally claire, by the way!) pics of her to come on monday!!
*EDIT** ask and you shall receive! praying for husbands...
i'm sorry...i laughed at the wording of #17!


LOOK WHO'S MARRIED!!!!! said...

awesome becky. i don't have kids yet, but will print this out and keep it for later.
is there something similar for husbands? i need to pray for patience for mine. lol.
excited for the holidays?
are the dothan people getting together?

aedozier said...

thanks for that! i can't wait to post this on the fridge too! if i can only keep MM from pulling it down!

becky said...

there ya go, sara!!

Hicks Family said...

Hey Becky, I've actually been stalking you for a few weeks now. You're precious and everytime I think of you it takes me back to NHS cheering...ha.
Your kiddos are adorable and I love to see the love that you have for our Gracious Father. Thanks for the well wishes and I'm adding your link to my page. I love keeping up with everone. BTW I printed the calendar and am going to put it on my frig - can never start praying to early.

Tony and Susan said...

that's cool! thanks for stalking people and then sharing! and i totally thought that was a pic of ally claire!

Susannah said...

I soo love stalking your blog! Love the prayer! :)

becky said...

i DDDOOOOO love when my stalkers come out! and suzie, you're not a stalker...i know you are reading you little darlin!!

Helen said...

I too,am a blogger stalker :) I love your menu ideas (used some of them BTW,yum-o) and this prayer is awesome! I really needed that. You are a blessing :)

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