Sunday, November 23, 2008

getting reacquainted

i haven't sewn a stitch in over 6 months until yesterday. our pesky little adorable crafty friends have inspired me. Yall make me feel the need to be a better mama, especially during this holiday season. (Dana, i'm dying to know how you found PJs to tie dye. Kera, i covet those cute boy/girl holiday shirts. and i believe we have all seen the better version of the following crayon bag over at the Stickler's.) so i got out my sewing machine and embarked on making one of those cute crayon bags for our friend maddie with some scraps i had from making burp cloths.

and while getting reacquainted, i remembered why i hate it when i put my sewing down for so long. my best friend becomes my seam ripper. not necessarily for bad seams, but because my brain is out of shape. see, i am completely self taught, and while that doesn't excuse me b/c i'm sure the rest of you are also, i just haven't dared to do enough projects that require much "put it together" thought. my next project is gonna be the typical a-line dress/shirt with the cutey little pants that go under them. i'm so stinkin OCD, i think about it too much. so i'm loading up my material and taking it with me to see my mama on friday. i also put together a little diaper and wipes carrier with some scraps.

i'm gonna end up redoing the crayon bag b/c if you click on the picture please don't, you'll see that the crayon pocket isn't even and after getting all wrapped up in lining it, i forgot to do the pocket lines first. it's that kind of thing that drives me a little batty.

sister seems to be teething (again!!) but is being so super sweet. she is working on sitting a little more. and that girl is a sho nuff bouncer. she LOVES it!! she has been using the regular doorway jumper, but once she is done with her swing, i'm gonna move the jumperoo in...if her chunky hiney can fit in it!! i will have the swing, and 2 strollers plus a car seat to take down to the consignment shop!! it's very bittersweet for me. i'm not sad that she is the last, but i'm sad it is going so quickly!!

and the little men...they are up to their shananigans as usual. it's fighting about something most of the time. it's making huge messes. it's typical brotherdom. but it's also cute things like this

and this.

you never know what you'll see around my house.
(why yes, that is a dinosaur trying to eat the bag of pepperments and old valentine's spiderman suckers!)


Vaughn said...

Becky, I want to see the holiday shirts you were talking about. Are they on someone's blog?

becky said...

i added the links.

kathy said...

Becky, I am Brandi Granger Bartee's mom. I see you are coming to Dothan this week. I have a brand new Christmas Smocked jumpsuit for a little girl in a size 18month. Zetta Grace is too big for it so I wondered if you might like to have it. I will be leaving Dothan Thanksgiving day to go to Birmingham and then Tuscaloosa. I would be glad to take it somewhere if you would like to have it. You can let me know via e-mail.

Dana said... You can find anything you ever dreamed of tie dying at that address. And I am so envious of your sewing abilities. You sew and cook.. Your a modern day June Clever. The only think I enjoy about being a stay at home mom is the mom part. If I had my choice, I would just follow my kids around with a camera all day. I need you to come and domesticate me!


becky said...

I emailed you back Mrs Kathy!! Thanks!!

And Dana, we need to be neighbors. I'll make a few clothes and cook a lot of meals for you to freeze and you can take our pictures and pinch our pennies. no one would ever have to know we couldn't do it all ourselves!!

Vaughn said...

Hey I want to move next door and be domesticated too!!

Dana said...

Oh yes, I love that plan!

Tony and Susan said...

cute kiddy pics! and i'm jealous of your crazy talentedness!

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