Saturday, November 29, 2008

in the works

well, i'm sure yall are tired of looking at how much i was loved. we are home from dothan and i have 3 words to say...

sweet.........fancy............moses!!! yall, i KNOW i am deaf in my right ear from my child screaming her honkin' head off for 2 hours of the trip home.

some highlights...i got to see my family of course. i got to spend some time with some of my rock star high school buds (booooo to the mexican connection for moving!) and we were actually asked to leave. fortunately it wasn't for anything like disorderly conduct, but rather b/c they are now a hole in the wall needed the table. at least those chicken nachos were still good. even though they were the same price for half the size. kids didn't sleep all that well, mainly ally claire. and guess who is in a room with her? you got it. however, as soon as we hit troy, micah, luke and seth all started snotting up. micah had just gotten over strep. so i head out friday in the madness for some meds to help him get better.

anyway, we are home. the only pictures i took was of my dad's hornet nest that we found the day after my kids had been playing outside. and i had never seen one. but it looks just like the one in My Girl in the forrest scene when Veda and Thomas J knock it know the one...(thanks God for no stings. you know i couldn't have handled one more thing. again...control issues.) i was informed that there are some things that haven't been addressed here on the tucker times, but i forget that everyone reading hasn't been with me everyday since high school. and at one time, i had completed a 100 things about me. i know i posted it on myspace, but can't find it to save my life!! so, i'll be working on that. tomorrow is a day off. we aren't doing anything but maybe unpacking. i know we shouldn't skip church, but we seriously need a recovery day. however, i did promise a certain redhead (luke) that we would put up the tree. he was soooooo good the whole time we were gone. i'm sure he must have a head injury.

ps--ROLL TIDE!!! {and i don't know how i wound up with so many auburn fan friends. i must just not be a good judge of character ;0P } yall know "i love you more than my luggage!" and if you don't know where that line is from, we are breaking up!!


Dana said...

I don't know where that line is from but I'm not an Auburn fan so can we still stay together? Yeah, I'll be posting about our trip just as soon as I quit crying over the fact that we spent three hours on the side of the road and then forked out a ton of money on a new transmission. Apparently, I'm in need of some character (James 1). We made it and everyone is safe.. that's the bright side..

becky said...

oh gracious! yes, get a buy because you are a true fan!

Susannah said...


Susannah said...

Becky, I hated I couldn't come to Mexican Connection. I was so tired after Babies R Us waiting in line and Anderson waking up every hour (4 times on Thanksgiving night)! Hope ya'll had fun. That sucked you guys got kicked out of M>C.!! Anderson screamed the whole way home too...boy, it was fun! Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving!:)

Anna Blumenfeld said...

1. Remember when Mexican Connection had more than 8 tables and they were nice to people?


3. Thanks for taking care of your informant. XOXOXO


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