Monday, November 24, 2008

I am loved!!! (and the things i love)

squeeeeeaaaalllll!!!! i have been loved!! look what i got!!

My friend, Kellie sent me this, the rules are to list 5 things you love, link back to me and pass along to 5 friends.

i just can't believe it. i link to a lot of my friends (and watch out...if you write something super cute or make something super cute, i feel a guest blog spot coming on!) but i didn't know i was a fun read. thanks kellie! that just made my little day!!

5 Things I love...

1.) Family. In these days when I don't get to see my family nearly as much as i'd like, and when I am about to see them in 2 days, i am just so extremely thankful for them. and don't think i have forgotten the 4 that actually are forced to share a house with me!! they will surely earn their angel wings for that tast. i love them. i love to sniff them (even snorgle them--thanks erika for that word!) and they pretty much make my day, even when they aren't making my day!!

2.) I love my blog friends. Y'all have no idea how much i love to get on here and see what you are up to. I love knowing that folks in the carolinas are up to the same thing i am and that folks in colorado are too. wait...nevada is farther than colorado...i know almost a countrywide full of ladies up to something. that is neat!

3.) I love being all domesticated. I love being home with my kids, cooking and sewing (or at least trying to) and just making my house a home. i think i'm discovering i'm a dabbler. i like to do a little of everything. b/c i see all the things my smartie friends do and think "i can do that". truth is, i can't. but i sure like trying!!

4.) i love knowing that if anything happened to my hubs job, i could probably have a job pretty quickly. working where i did i made a ton of contacts and having my nursing license allows for me to help out if and when it is needed. i love that security.

5.) I love that my Jesus and my God allows "do-overs." when driving, i am queen of the u-turn. my life isn't much different. when i feel like i have only been giving him the left overs or sometimes starving Him to death, He allows me to come back and get all up under that wing. My fussing and whining are nothing to him. He hears it. But it doesn't scare him away. and all i can ever do it just keep running back over and over.
5 folks i love:
Kristen (speaking of guest blog, click here for a totally good motivation to get in your quiet time today!)
I'm gonna be good and keep it at 5...because if you are on my blog roll, i love to hear what you have to say!


Dana said...

Awe shucks.. you shouldn't have.. But I love you for it :). I love you too! Thanks for boosting my ego. I needed it!

Hillary @ The Dunham Diaries said...

Look at you! You know I love ya', girl! Thanks! First the ornament- then this! I've got to do a post about that this week. Thank you so much! I can't wait to hang it on my tree.
OK, tomorrow's post is this. And I rarely do tags, but this one is something I don't have to reveal. Thank you, again! Love you right back! Can't wait to see you in Dothan!
Oh- and AMEN to the God do-overs. You are right on there ,sister.

Jane said...

Such good reading! I'm encouraged and inspired and smiling. :) Thanks for sharing what you love!

Tony and Susan said...

thanks for not disowning me as a friend! i am super-uber-way behind on reading your blog. when it is not midnight, i will go back and read them all! hope you had a great thanksgiving!

Tony and Susan said...

ok...i think i'm caught'll have to go back several posts and read comments :)

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