Sunday, November 16, 2008

a tired mama and a sick daddy

i like to think i know those closest to me very well. turns out, i do. micah came home from work on tuesday and i was finishing up cooking supper. he was telling me something and my back was to him and i cut him off mid sentence. i spun around and said "are you getting sick?" and he said "i don't know." i said "well, you sound weird. i give it 3 days." fast forward to thursday night when he got home. he walked in and was giving us all of his "hi's" when i said "stop right there. you sound like you have a cotton ball in your throat." let's go look. and there was the tell-tale white patches. and i also knew he felt like he was running a little low grade fever and he just gets a look about his eyes. kinda haggard looking. anyway, i called in a favor where i used to work to see if micah could go ahead and see the NP and get a rapid strep on friday morning. i slept on the couch b/c i can NOT afford to get sick. i also read a....(i want to say friend here, but we're not really friends b/c we don't really know anything about each other, but i feel like we are more than acquaintances b/c i have been on a retreat with her church and totally stalk her blog every day...) anyway, i read her post about the Neti Pot. i had heard of them before, but now that i knew someone with actual experience, i decided to have micah go get one so he could "roto-rooter" those sinuses. (still praying it isn't strep. still knowing it is.) can i just say that if you have any kind of sinus issues, get thee a Neti!! micah was very apprehensive at first, but he is SOLD i tell you. and of COURSE i got a picture and he said i could post it...but i'll be nice. and ours looks like an actual miniature plastic teapot! watching him do that thing is stinkin hilarious. i mean, it's not normal to see a waterfall coming out of the other side of someone's nose!! so he goes to the doc the next morning, and of course...strep. (for those keeping up still...this diagnosis came on day three.)
now for the not so smart part of my otherwise extremely intelligent hubby (lisa, you can vouch for him!) it was one of those times i was hearing him, but not listening. (hey, i had 3 kids to keep away from him and alllll the house stuff to do, and i didn't sleep a WINK the night before b/c micah was hocking up everything from his toes and i was trying to sleep on the couch.) he said something about antibiotics and taking one every 3 hours. i didn't think much about it b/c i was just thinking every 4 hours...until 9 pm that night (he started at noon) when he said something about the fact that he had taken a whole day's worth of antibiotics tired brain did the math and i nearly DIED when i realized it had only been 9 hours. i absolutely FORBID him to take anything until noon the next day so that he wouldn't completely wreck his kidneys. i think he was missing getting some snuggle time with little miss most of all.

i got a little more sleep friday night, but still not adequate. but at least micah was feeling better and not contagious anymore. oh, i forgot to mention that while the boys were at preschool thursday i had to speed clean my house so it could show while i went to pick them up. last night my sleep got interrupted by my little night visitor who hasn't been to see me in about a week. so i was up with him for around 2 hours. so i'm tired. but today i am taking my biggest little man to the movies. we are going on a double date with ellen and maddie to see madagascar 2 and i can't wait!! (i didn't get to go with him to his first movie b/c we had just gotten home with AC from the NICU.) and speakin of AC, she is fighting with me a lot these days. reason is that she can roll from belly to back, but not the other way just yet. she is a belly sleeper, so when she rolls over, she just hollers. so i have started putting "bumpers" (rolled up blankets) down her side to try to keep her from rolling over and getting stuck. temper butt. had to do the same thing with one of the boys.

hope yall are having a great weekend! and if you hung in to read this, you are a true stalker and i love ya!!


Susannah said...

You know I am! Hope Micah is better soon. Hope you get sleep soon, I know what that is like, Anderson woke up every 2 hours lastnight! Who knows why...he's been sleeping alllll night since 3 months!

Helen said...

You have had it rough. Bless your heart!!

Life gets so much better when the kids are older and can help themselves while you take a nap. Mine are 10 and 9 so trust me life gets better :) They are worth all that you go through, to get to that point.

Tara said...

I have wanted to try a Neti since I saw it demonstrated on a show a couple years back. I just saw them again in a sale circular but wanted to find someone who knew about them. So now I have. Alex and I suffer with sinus issues year-round. I'll definitely be getting one. Thanks for the info!

Tony and Susan said...

ooo...sounds like that wasn't much fun! i hope everyone is feeling much better now!

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