Friday, September 11, 2009

for entertainment purposes only

i have noticed that there is no rhyme or reason to when i post. i only know that i try to fit in at least one a week. and i'm not sure why, because it's not like we are that interesting. but i guess i feel the need to reach out to my public. all 5 of you. since the last time we chatted, i have gotten to visit with 2 of my besties. my monica came and i was able to give her the rest of my maternity clothes (cause this baby makin' station is now closed and working on dilapidated!). (luke asked me "when monica's baby gets big and out of her belly, and is a big boy, will he call her mamaca?--true story) we didn't do much over the weekend because i had my nose shoved in some stephenie meyer goodness cause i was hell bent on determined to finish those not so little crack viles books. and i'll tell you right now, that was the best diet i ever went on. seriously, because i couldn't put them down, because i was all twitterpated with edward, i would choose reading over eating most days. who knew?? oh, and speaking of twitterpated, i decided to try my hand at twitter. see that column to the right? (get your head out of reader and actually come to my page to see) in addition to the teen angst that i so dearly love, i also love to know what stars are up to. i have NO idea why. i guess i really like to know that "stars are really like us." (yes, i actually twittered something to dierks bentley cause i am a hugemongous dork and seriously bored and don't feel like putting up the laundry.) but i do try to limit my actual paper reading to people. i figure they are the least tabloid-esque. i would assume they don't hunt these people down like dogs. but i could be wrong.

what was i saying? oh, what i've been up to. i got my pedicure (which i am currently exploring the world of toe art. the last 2 have included something on my big toes. pretty darn cute actually. give it a try.) seth started back to MMO this week. he did great. we were gonna be sending him two days a week, but i decided since he'll still have a whole year left after this one, i'll save myself on the gas and sanity of driving back and forth so much during the week. i mean, i already have to shower everyday and put on decent clothes to go pick up luke from kindergarten. oh--i have been about to explode to say this. please don't think terribly of me. just consider it a PSA. ok, there isn't a car line for the kindergarten kids. you have to walk to the doors of their hall and hold up a paper with their name on it (it really looks like herding cattle.) i have noticed this one woman all week. and not in a good way. yall...(here it filter) if your "girls" hang down to your waist, a bra is seriously required. people DO notice if those mamas aren't properly harnessed. and if you are insistent on going B2TW (ask if you need to know what that means), law have mercy...DO NOT WEAR A WHITE T-SHIRT.)

i'm sorry. did i really just rant about that? i did. but i just couldn't help myself. it is a problem that needs to be addressed before it becomes an epidemic amongst the rest of the mamas. anyway, i was also forced into single-mommyhood for almost 48 hours this week due to micah needing to travel (18 hours of driving for 4 hours of work...yeah) and that is NEVAH a pretty thing. as a girl on ANTM said this week "i'm not spoiled. i'm just well taken care of." and my man takes good care of us. he gives me the break i need at the end of the day. and so not only did i not have my mental break, but i had to haul limbs in from the back yard due to a sudden storm AND take out the trash. being a slave can be so hard. however, a highlight was the fact that i ordered pizza one of the nights he was gone. an hour and 15 minutes later, my order still wasn't here. they had to redo the i got it FREE. thanks, papa john's. that was nice of you. warranted. but NICE!!

and so, i'm off to that shower and to get all harnessed up before the pick up line starts to pick up my little calf. oh, and soccer starts tomorrow. so that ought to be fun(ny).


Susannah said...

That is bad when big boobed:) ladies go out w/out a bra...yikes! Free pizza ROCKS!!!

Anna Blumenfeld said...

What is your twitter name?? Mine is annamaniac!

Becky said...


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