Saturday, November 17, 2007

chuck e cheese

we attended our first "chuch e. cheese" birthday party for our neighbor, sam. he is about 2 months younger than seth. he was the cutest thing. he loved on chuck e. cheese and danced. it was a hoot!! i wasn't sure how my kids would like it, but they had a ball. they are alllllll about getting tickets!! i felt like a kid myself. i wish they would have been better at ski ball b/c that is my favorite. but they had this game that you put a token in, hit a button, and it just spits out tickets. sethy would have stood there all day i am convinced. we went through the tokens we got from the party, along with a roll of $10 that i bought and all we got was 2 water squirters and 2 small toys. now i DON'T miss that!!! but they had a ball so it was completely worth it and now, i can use something as a treat for being good. time to whip out the sticker chart again. i think i'll use the chuck e. cheese method and you have to get 1000 stickers for being good to get to actually go!!

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