Sunday, January 7, 2007

The Month that Was Christmas

Let me just say that I am glad Christmas is over! it seems like it really did last all month long! Luke had preschool stuff for the first 2 weeks of the month and his Christmas program on the 15th. it was too cute. the whole preschool wore matching painted sweatshirts. luke's class was the youngest and last to perform. he had to learn "Jingle Bells" and "We Wish You a Merry Christmas". And let me tell you, he knew every word down to the arm motion they do on "WISH". The 4 y.o. class went first and sang 2 songs. Then the 3s joined them for 2 more and then Luke's class (he's technically in the 2 y.o. class, but like in school, he will be the oldest). micah and i were just happy that he went up there and sat and didn't cry. let me tell you, when the 2s came out, all the parents were up there taking pics of their kids. luke sat there smiling for all the cameras and didn't sing until the last 2 lines of "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" and then he clapped with everyone. I was really hoping he would have sang more, but he was too interested in hamming it up for everyone NOT taking pictures of him. but it was cute none the less. on the 10th we went down to cullman to have christmas lunch with my father-in-law's side of the family. and that is basically all that happened there. let me just say that at this point, my tree had been up for 2 weeks and luke was asking to open presents every day. fortunately he was patient. i never had any problems with seth trying to get into the tree, it was luke this year. but eventually he got the point. the 16th was mine and micah's 6th anniversary and we spent the morning finishing up Christmas shopping (how romantic, right?). the next week was mostly calm except that both boys were just coming off of a 2 week cold. the 21st seth had his 15 month dr. appointment and he is big and healthy and got his chickenpox/mmr shot. NOT HAPPY!!

but he didn't have any reaction to it, so that was good. we all woke up here on Christmas morning (luke slept until 8 and seth and me until 9) and opened presents for forever. then that evening we had a couple over for christmas supper. 2 days later becky's parents (pop and mimi) came bearing gifts from a hundred people it seems, and stayed for 2 days and then that friday we finally all got together with micah's family and opened presents. fortunately micah was santa this year and we all just dug into the gifts instead of going in rounds (thank you Jesus!) we had supper and FINALLY it was over! this last sunday luke didn't want to leave class because he thought he was supposed to get a gift first. but this week he was back to normal.

so, all that and 10 lbs later, i'm glad for the new year!

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