Tuesday, October 16, 2007

we've had our turn

last week was a doozie. luke and seth had their 4th and 2nd birthday parties, respectively. we had a spiderman-slash-blues clues party. one of my cousin's had died the previous week, so "pop" didn't get to come, but mimi was there. and nana and papa got to come for the first time since seth was born so that was a treat. we had friends and family and plenty of cake and treats and plenty of gifts...at least until christmas!! saturday morning when micah got up, he didn't feel well, so i sent him to bed at the end of the party. luke had not felt well on friday, but was back to normal on friday night after a week of hardly eating. micah, turns out, had a bit of a stomach virus...which by tuesday he had given to sethy in the form of both diarrhea and vomiting. that is sethy's first time. he was a super trooper. he was a little clingy and broke out in a horrid rash, but by saturday, all was back to normal. and let's not forget that friday they both had their annual check ups. they are both in the 90% of weight and luke is in the 93% for height and seth is in the 75% for height. so i have biggo boys!! but i'm just glad they are healthy. seth got 2 shots and luke got all his boosters so he got 4!!! next up...the dentist. at least he has about 6 weeks to recover before completely embarrassing me there. i already know it will not go well. the joys of parenting!! i'm trying to be better at updating more than once a month...but i'm pretty bad at remembering!

oh--our friends the Griffies' had their twins jonah and claire. they are doing well and are healthy. we have faithfully prayed for them for years and it is truly amazing to watch God's perfect plan and timing work out. getting to watch an answer to prayers unfold over 9 months has been truly wonderful! we love you guys and are praying that you all go home and recover soon!! i just wish we could greet them at the door!!

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Dana said...

oh fun.. the stomach virus. I can't believe they are two and four. That's crazy. I'm really feeling old these days.

Love you

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