Thursday, May 26, 2011

kindergarten or bust

this little turkey is moving on to kindergarten! hard to believe. his teachers always tell me how sweet he is and i'm so thankful that they do (b/c that is NOT always the case at home!) i can't wait to see what he can do in "big school" this next year. i hope he is kind and takes the opportunity to reach out to others who might not make friends as easily as this kid who has almost never known a stranger. we were surprised and proud when his MMO director asked if he would lead the opening prayer at their end of the year program. she said he always says the sweetest ones and that does a mama's heart real good, y'all! we love you bubby!!


BASSakward Tales said...

yes our children do surpris us...when teachers tell us what they do, we ask, that child? he has had great raising and he will do just fine....

Tara said...

How sweet! And extra sweet is his nickname. I called my brother bubby too!

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