Friday, August 26, 2011

hair bow organizer

i'm not as crafty as some folks. i don't have the patience for it. but sometimes an idea is simple enough that it pans out for me and makes me feel all smart again.

i've needed to organize AC's bows and accoutrements for a while now. it started with a ribbon hanging on the back of her closet. and since she has such wild hair that actually requires the help of a spray bottle and detangler and sometimes was just easier to move her stuff to my bathroom. but i already share a bathroom and storage that is easy and doesn't get in the way of my too many B&B lotions is paramount.

so, after much thought and hours spent looking at websites and Pinterest (my new love and time suck) i decided to quit looking and get with it already.

oddly, the idea didn't come to full fruition until i was browsing around Bed Bath & Beyond yesterday. (i was really there on the prowl looking for shoe organization for me and barbie organization for her.) but i ran across this little diddy and thought..."hey, this could work."

it's a jewelry organizer. now let me be honest, i actually thought the little pockets were larger than they are. i thought the bows would fit inside the pockets. but, in response to the stink eye i was giving the too small pockets, the brilliance that is my husband said, "can you just clip them over the edge?"

Well, yes, dang it...i can. the ones that have alligator clips anyway. but what about the french barrettes? they need to clip closed to stay on.

I eyed it. i crooked my mouth. i grabbed the seam ripper (since i actually knew where it was...the sewing drawers having just been you see a theme?) and sliced the bottom of the pockets so that i could close the bow around it. it was magic.

truly a beautiful thing. so simple. it's double sided, so bows on one side...pony tail holders and barrettes on the other. slap some cute stickers on it (b/c i don't have one of those super cool cricut things) and call her done!

show it to you kid and forbid her touch it. easy peasy!

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Christy Tate said...

That is a super neat idea. I already have one of those hanging in my closet with my "everyday "jewelry because I ran out of room in my jewelry box and never thought to do that. We sure need it, we have bows galore!!!

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