Tuesday, February 6, 2007

drama queens and biting things

i thought seth was gonna be my good baby. my angel baby. apparently with the full moon in his sixteenth month, the devil has completely come out in my little man. he swats at things, he growls in frusteration, he throws himself down in the floor in an all out fit. sometimes, his body goes completely limp, he turns blue and almost passes out. fun times. and as of this weekend, he decided he wants to be a biter. completely unprovoked, he has bitten luke 3 times, and i mean a hunk of a bite. and he had the gaul to bite micah last night. so micah bit him back. and of course the drama queen came back out after that. sethy has a long road ahead of him as he has yet to have to learn that mama is older, smarter, and the clincher....MEANER!! luke...well, he is 3. there are good moments and bad. i like to refer to the 2-3 year old stage as the bi-polar years. parenting is the absolute hardest thing i could have ever wanted to do. i know it will have it's rewards. i'm not really seeing those days any time soon i am quite sure. but i am sure this is my lesson in patience...children. i'm sure within a few days i'll get a few pics of the mean drama queen and his work to post.

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