Wednesday, May 2, 2007

yeah, 3 months later...

well, things are a little crazy in my world these days. i'm so used to the boring "every day is the same", that now it is just a little hard to sit down and figure out what to write. (not to mention the fact that i didn't even get those 2 sentences out without being interrupted by having to referee!!) anyway, i have been working 4 days a week and it adds up to only about 10-12 hours a week, but it has really changed how i get things done during the day. i'm not as good at time management as i used to be!!

the good news is that he is completely intelligent. he can count to 100 and knows the Lord's prayer and the books of the new testament, all his colors, shapes, letters and loves to sing. luke has about 2 weeks left in preschool for the regular year. then they are off for 2 weeks and then he switches from fridays to tuesdays (my only day off of work!) he got his first official time-out last friday. he was kicking over the other kids' blocks and the teacher got on to him several times. the last time, she had no sooner gotten it out of her mouth when he got up, went over there and kicked them over. so he had to sit in the time-out chair and lost his treat for the day. when i got there she said he also wouldn't use the potty all day. (it bothered her, but not me because this is a child that has held it from athens to gulf shores!!) anyway, i marched him to his room, spanked him, made him potty and flush (something else he wouldn't do the week before) and then go hug his teacher and apologize. he lost his video and game priviledges for the weekend. (tough mama!!) he has had an issue with using the potty in public. (it's the industrial flush...woosh!! i think.) he has been potty trained a year now and just hates to do it in public. well, this past february he actually went a couple of places in public without problem. we were super duper pumped. we even made a trip to dothan where he used it at the mall. well, around my birthday we were at red lobster in decatur where he was using the potty and he shifted a little and it was one of those automatic things and the child nearly jumped out of his skin!! so pottying is actually just now getting back to some normalcy. he went a couple of weeks where he was wetting his underwear all the time and peed on my couch 4 times in 1 week. i thought i would kill him!! oh, and let's not even get into the time he peed on the much so there was a puddle on the floor!! but he is going fine at home again, but the school thing...we may have to work on. he has also developed a fear of bugs. one saturday a bumble bee buzzed by his ear and he went birzerk. i had to lock him out of the house so he wouldn't be inside alone while we were all outside. now, everyone knows if there is even a fly in the room. seriously...i'm surprised i even bathe anymore!! he has also been having allergies for the last week and getting him to take medicine is like water torture. seriously...i must have been the actual devil in my past life to get him!!

sethy...little sethy. well, i had him sleeping in a toddler bed because he no longer fit in a pack n play when we traveled. so it was just getting time. he was doing fine until he realized that he can just get up. so he was getting up at like 5 am or so and just being up for the day, playing in his room. aggrevating. and as soon as we'd lay him down, he was right back up. so back to the crib he went. he is mouthy...and good lord! he can say absolutely anything and can say all the way to "k" in the abcs. he's a smarty for sure. he is all red head. between the 2 of them, i have definitely earned my angel wings.

they are both in their rooms right now crying. the computer room sits right in the middle, so i have it in stereo. and that is a good reason not to post very much!!)

micah is training for the cotton row 10k like he does every year so my sunday afternoons are shot right now because he goes over to run the course. i'm not sure why he cares. he's not in it to win it or anything. so giving up every sunday afternoon has mama a little ill these days. but i just make sure i take the same 3 hours doing something alone on saturdays. (i'm warped like that!)

we are going to the beach at the end of august and that is our only other plans for the rest of the year so far. we're not great travelers so that is probably just fine! hope everyone is doing well and i'm sorry it has taken forever to post. hopefully it won't be another 3 months. i'll work on some new pics later.

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Sabrina said...

I was wondering why I hadn't heard anything from you lately. I didn't realize that you were working so many days.
How awful for Luke. I'm glad to hear that things are getting better for him though.
Your boys are getting so big! I just love your pictures.

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