Wednesday, July 11, 2007

and the next month...

the time is seriously slipping by and i don't even know where it goes. 2 weeks ago, now, was the last of my crazy schedule with work. and i am thanking God for the normalcy. i have about 5 weeks or so left until we go on vacation, and at that time, i will stop working all together. luke will start school 2 days a week after we get back, so that will keep me busy enough. i wish i had some big stories to tell you or a reason why i haven't kept up in the last couple of weeks, at least, but i got nothin. oh well, the saddest thing is that we had a family that we were friends with at our old church who lost their 7 year old last week. that was the most heart wrenching couple of days i've ever had. i think about him and his parents daily. i wonder if i always will. after his funeral, i literally had a migraine so bad i was hovering over the commode praying to throw up if it would make me feel better. thank goodness for aleve and excedrine migraine!! one of my best friends was the little boy's aunt and she is having a hard time. this was an only child and only grandchild on the mom's side of the family. it was a real tragedy for our whole community. i think the parents are starting to come out of shock this week and i am just really praying for them. i could not imagine.

i'm trying to get back into exercising on a regular basis. work really threw a kink in everything since march and i'm just trying to work it back in slowly. the diet portion...i need to just strive for consistency. some days i am sooooo on. others, let's not even talk about it. since my friend ellen moved to town i have kept busy with her and her daughter and pooch, so i guess that is where i have devoted a little extra time and care, these days. we also had VBS which luke loved. now that's it's raining everyday, we are a little cooped up. but i at least took them to the mall to play in the little kiddie area for a little bit. hoping it will clear up and we can cut our jungle grass so we can get back outside. we definitely need some color on us before we go to the beach!! and boys just need fresh air! i also just need to sit down, now that i have more free time, and get a schedule made out. i just get overly busy doing day to day stuff that i don't remember to take time for myself or make special day trips or whatever with the kiddos. sounds like something i could be doing now!! well, that or take advantage of the quiet and get on the treadmill!! hopefully i'll keep up more regularly and start to include the cute day to day stories and pics!!

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