Tuesday, July 17, 2007


i was checking my blog and i was starting to think nobody loved me because i never had comments. turns out that i forgot to turn on the comment thing. what a jo-jo!!

dana-if you are reading this, when all of our kids get to camp, and when emma hooks up with maddie reed (ellen's little girl--she used to go to college ave but has just moved up here) and then "the wreckers" (which are obviously my boys)...they will just wish a tornado would hit!! i have a feeling the girls will need to start "the little princess" group! poor camp wiregrass. good thing they are slowly updating things because some days, i have a feeling that after all of ours go through, nothing will be standing at the end of the week!!

we have 5 weeks until we go to the beach and we are so excited. luke has been asking for over a month to go to the beach. micah has been counting the days since march! and i need a tan...but i gotta find some time to work on that before i go so i don't fry. work has NOT allowed me to get all toasty brown this year.

i DO have a few cute things that luke has said lately, but that will have to wait for now. it'll give yall...probably all 3 of you...a reason to check back in!


Dana said...

We are going to move closer or my kids are not even going to know what Camp Wiregrass looks like. But yeah, if they all ever get together. Whoa... It'll be interesting. Emma has met Ellen's little girl a couple of times and they loved playing together. Hopefully ours won't be teenagers going to camp before they meet. I'm hoping we'll be making a trip to Huntsville in the near future. Maybe we can see you guys then.

Love you

Dana said...

Hey there,
Well, I'm just going to leave you tons and tons of comments.. I don't know if you know about this or not but I wanted to share with you this children's consignment sale I came across in Huntsville. The website is http://www.mykidskloset.com/ Sorry I didn't give you much notice. I always check the ones in Alabama and try to hit one when I'm down visiting my mom. I went to one in Birmingham last year and sold some of Emma's stuff so I could shop early and got some pretty cool deals. Love you

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