Saturday, November 14, 2009

minivan moments

on the way home from school...

me: (looking @ Luke's pants that are covered in mud red clay)
son, why are you so filthy?
Luke: i don't know. what's "filfy"?
me: disgustingly dirty
Luke: oh. i played football (same as a couple of days ago which had the same results on his pants.)
me: well, did you have to roll around in the mud to do it? those may not come clean.
Luke: (obviously put out at this point by his mother's complete ignorance) ugh...well i scored 99 touchdowns!
me: well as long as it was 99...

clearly this logic is lost on me as i am a mere girl and mom. (and i'm also currently cussin' blogger for not uploading my picture for the 3rd time.)

1 comment:

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

Oh my. The logic. How dare you not realize the importance, mom. come. ON. :)

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