Tuesday, November 3, 2009

as i sit here...

there are 68 things in my google reader waiting on me. i think that's only 2 days worth. and i have actually skimmed through, picking out my actual friend blogs to read, leaving the folks i stalk for later. that used to never happen. but right now, i don't know that i have anything interesting to say. or maybe i have writers block. i'm not sure. would yall like to help me? is there anything you would like to know about me or my family that you may not know? i have done those 101 things about me surveys before. i'd have to go back and see if it needs revision. it's under the "about me" section over there on the right. but things change, ya know?? i'm in a bit of a rut these days, feeling like i'm spinning my wheels a bit...or a lot. do yall get that way? i'm also working on a "35 things i'd like to do by the time i turn 35" list. i think i got that from meg. i can't even remember now. do yall check her out? i've said it before. you totally should. anyway, give me some ideas. i'm fresh out. the cool news is that i get to go "home" in a few weeks for thanksgiving. i'm so ready. we haven't been to dothan since the first week of june and that was just overnight. i think that is the longest we have been not going. this school thing really throws a kink in the ole traveling schedule.

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Sabrina said...

I am totally with you in getting behind on reading blogs...and posting them too. I also have started smocking, so that is taking up what little time that I could use to browse the net! Maybe we could set up a play time for the kids if you have a spare moment on your trip to Dothan! HMMM...questions that I might ask??? How are you gonna feel when Auburn whoops up on Alabama in a couple of weeks!!! haha.

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