Thursday, October 29, 2009

miss me yet?

no? shoot. oh well, i'm up to my eyeballs in sick kids and have been for about 2 weeks now. i'm a tired mama cause the daddy has been a little sick too. so hopefully, i'll be back soon.


Unsinkable Kristen said...

I missed Twilight Tuesday!!

Darby said...

I've missed you!!! Get well kids so mommy can get back to the computer... and stay healthy mommy because YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE SICK... trust me!!

Lindsey said...

i missed you! i am in the SAME boat! elle hasn't gone to school a monday in october; grady has croup and gave it to me! hope you are all well soon.

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

I have missed you terribly! Come back, Becky!!!! You can do it! Come back from the depths of yucky sickness!!!

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