Thursday, October 1, 2009

mama does a run-on sentence or 50

all women, especially mamas, have to-do lists a jillion and four miles long. and they nevah get any shorter (amen?) i don't know about you, but sometimes i get so overwhelmed by my to-dos, that NOTHING gets done. now how is that supposed to help? wanna know what is going on in my head these days of things i need to get done?? well, you can start with my little on going projects list to the right side over there. (i haven't done much lately b/c i had to put myself of a "freeze" of sorts.) however, this weekend, I will be getting my fall decor on. that is a favorite time for me. i have always done outside decor in the past, but not much for the inside. weeeeelllll, watchit. cause this year, the fall is MOVIN' IN!! i think i may also take this weekend to get that final coat of black paint on my doors. i Lah-HURVE them. i think the jury is still out for micah. and i haven't gotten around to sewing the pillows for my furniture outside, but it will happen sooner than later because i need to sit down in the next week and crank out 60 scent blankets for the Footprints Ministry (which reminds me, it's totally time that i gave yall an update and gave you the opportunity to give *wink wink*!) the next weekend, after getting my fall on, i'll be gettin' my Beth on. huh?? that's right. i'm going to Memphis for the Living Proof Live event with my first college roommate, Gin. we've never gone on a girls trip, and getting some Jesus on was a good plan for us both! We'll be really close to St. Jude's, and while they don't do tours on Saturdays, I'm hoping we can at least go and just see it. I have always wanted to go and just experience being there (without NEEDING to be there, ya know?) We have soccer every weekend until Nov. 1st. Luke has a birthday next week. Tomorrow is my day to bring the "black snack" for Luke's class. Today we have a check up with the ENT for ACs tubes. The boys and I all have check ups later this month. (and that reminds me that i need to make a dentist appointment. i haven't been since i was pregnant with AC. that's gross. at least i have brushed and flossed since then...teehee.) My house always needs to be cleaned. My monica is coming this weekend. and i think she's having a boy. I'll love him anyway, even though i wanted him to be a girl so we could take mommy/daughter trips together. now i'll just have to rescue monica from boyness. we are gonna drop by the fiddler's convention to catch some crafts and funnel cakes. cause that's the whole point of the convention if you ask me. Luke will start piano lessons in a couple of weeks that they offer through the school for 10 weeks. I want to learn to play the guitar. I also want to learn sign language and be able to communicate effectively. I also want to grow my hair out long enough to be able to donate to locks of love. I went to get it trimmed last weekend. it got CUT and for the first time, i was NOT a happy camper. seriously. it set me back 3 months on my hair growth. I'm also going to attempt to read Wuthering Heights and Pride and Prejudice, because it struck me while reading the Twilight series for the 2nd time, that I had never read those 2 classics. And I've been walking at night, trying to find some semblance of my prebaby body which was lost 4 years ago (after luke, not so much. seth killed me.) oh, and speaking of health stuff, i am down to one thyroid pill still. my numbers are in the normal range with that one. i'm hoping to come off of them at some point. they have improved over the last 2 months while coming off of some of the dosage, so we will continue to wait and see. and in other health news, it's breast cancer awareness month. don't forget your "ladies". check 'em. tell your mama to check hers. tell your sister and your bestie to check theirs. they'll thank you. not sure what to do? go here. feel strange feeling yourself up? (that's what i said.) ask your hubs to help (cause everyone who reads my blog is married or at least grown.) your breast health is important to him, too. (how many readers did i just loose?)

so if i'm MIA for a little while, i'm either painting, decorating, soccer momming, growing out my hair, walking, praising, or getting felt up. (my family will die when they read that.)


Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

Do you have any idea how much I love you? Mainly because I completely followed along with that post and felt like we were having a conversation.
Here's my side:
What the heck is black snack? Are you a racist and I didn't know it?
And how did they cut your hair so short? That stinks.
AND... I am SO JEALOUS that you are going to see Beth this weekend. I wanted to get tickets, but my youngest up and has a birthday coming up, so we are going to the beach to celebrate (much better than killing myself with a birthday party that he wouldn't realize was for him).
Yay for your walking and your feeling up. *Ahem*
In betwixt all that to-do nonsense, we should get together soon! PF Chang's anyone??

Becky said...

there you are my only friend! um...mine have birthdays too, but i opted out of a party. they chose soccer and i just can't do it all. and i'm not inviting a classfull of folks i sho don't know. and the color of the week is black. so i'm bringing the special weekly snack...that will be black. i'm making sugar cookies with black icing/sprinkles. thank goodness she is smart enough to put black during halloween.
i am always up for PFs. let's call kera and get her to come too.

Lindsey said...

my husband will be glad you encouraged "breast health". and now that he's had his vasectomy (that's right!), we can rest assured that breast health doesn't lead to more children:). prob tmi, but i don't care. you love me anyway.

Melissa said...

whew! minus a couple of kids and i'm right there with ya! glad to know i'm not the only one up to my eyeballs in "stuff" to do. and, yes, the hubs will like the "breast health" idea! :)

Melissa said...

Girl, you are too hilarious! Glad to read in the comments what a black snack is! I was wondering, but afraid I'd sound stupid if I asked. Thought it was some mommy thing I was supposed to know! I'm right there with you about inviting a classful of people you don't know to the parties. Oh, and according to my cousin, if you have the party some place that charges by the person, a bunch of people will show up with little brothers and sisters that you wind up having to pay for too!

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