Monday, October 12, 2009

braggin rights

i'm not normally that person. the one who likes to toot their own horn, if you will. but i have a couple of things that i just have to rub in your face share. let's recall that last week wasn't exactly banner in the tucker household. mama was in dire need of some anointing and i knew it was on the brink...which is why i am positive the devil was after me through his sometimes evil spawn my kids. the first college roommate, ginny, asked me months ago if i wanted to go to memphis to a Living Proof Live event to hear Beth (cause like i have said before, we are on a first name basis. i know we are.) at the time, it certainly wasn't the want to that was the problem. it was the fact that school hadn't even started and my kids have birthdays during that time and soccer was a-comin' and i just couldn't nail down a way to make it all happen. fast forward to septemberish. i knew what to expect in our little life, and gin had plenty goin' on, as is her way. and i was ready for a break and we had never gone on a trip together. what was the worst that could happen? i'd have to enforce my end of the contract that binds us as long as she lives? (long story. she probably wouldn't want me to share. if so, she can leave it in the comments.) anywho, so i called her up, said let's go see beth and travis. (side note...get the man's live CD. so good!!) and we did. this past friday she came to pick me up, my hubby took a half day off of work to keep my kids (more on him in a minute), and without ever having been, we loaded up and went to memphis with about 6 google maps in hand. surely we could find where we needed to go. we got there fine. ginny was introduced to an experience like no other (can i say 13K+ people singing??? hello??) and lessons devoted to who God is...i believe we got what we went for. the Spirit was there and moving. now...remember those 6 maps i just mentioned. how bout it does you no good if you can't figure out where you are as a beginning point when it's dark, raining, and every downtown street is either blocked off or one way. after traveling in definite circles, we made a trip across a bridge. in the middle of that bridge there was a sign. that sign said "welcome to arkansas." i nearly threw up right there in her car. i hate metal closed in narrow bridges especially in the dark when it's raining and especially when i at least know we are headed in the complete wrong direction. i was wondering if i'd see our hotel that night. fortunately we did. what should have taken us about 30 minutes to get back to our hotel took us....TWO HOURS. that's what i said. Beth talked to us about what a wild goose chase was and about a wild God chase. we had no choice but to laugh about our wild goose chase. but i'll tell you this...after that debacle, i am a holiday inn devotee. that was good sleep. the next day was more awesomeness and zero lostness. soooo fun. want some good news?? Deeper Still is coming to BIRMINGHAM next December. (that's 2010.) what i want to know is who is gonna make plans to meet me there?? Cause I went to the one and nashville and I'll SHO go again!! (linds, since you live there, you better come. as with twilight, i wouldn't lead you wrong.)

and speaking of twilight...know how i know i have the BEST man in the living flesh?? as i already mentioned, he took off a half day to be with the kids while i had a girls overnight. but today, i caught wind that people mag has a special new moon edition out. and like a total fangirl, i asked micah if he would look for it since he'd be at the store anyway. do you know that he DID. that he looked on every stand and even in the book/mag section for it?? he gets me. he said he felt a little weird, but knows he wasn't the first or the last hubs to do that. i have issues. but i have a rockstar hubby and i KNOW IT!!

more good news?? tomorrow is MMO. again. which means i'll be back at BAM tomorrow. i have a feeling i'm gonna start getting weird looks in there.

and you wanna know why you suffered this whole thing without pictures? cause i completely forgot my camera. but i promise all of the above things happened.


Lindsey said...

glad you had a great and restoring weekend! and major props to micah-he sounds like a wonderful husband! i'm definitely up for seeing beth, just keep me posted seeing as how it is over a year away... i can barely keep up with this week's activities:).

The HoneaBees said...

I need to go...I will begin praying right now that it works out! Where do I go to find out when and where????????

Becky said...

look at Lifeway's website in there events. it may mention it there. i saw it in the note handout they gave us at this weekend's thing. but i'll keep you updated. seems like it's december 8&9 in bham 2010.

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

I love a good Beth and Travis combo! Sounds like an amazing trip... complete with AR detour!! So glad you had a wonderful and God-filled time!!

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