Tuesday, October 6, 2009

it MAY have happened like this...

i may have giggled a little bit when i opened my eyes and realized that today was tuesday (translated as MMO day...)

i may have giggled a little more when i thought about the fact that MMO day meant I'd have 3 hours to myself (well, with AC).

I may have giggled a little more when i knew she'd be taking a nap for about 1.5 hours of those 3.

i may have giggled when i thought about the fact that MMO is in madison, and so is books-a-million.

i may have giggled when i thought about the cosmic genius that MMO drop off is at 9:15 and BAM opened at 9.

i may have squealed in my head a little when i remembered ok, planned for a week that the New Moon Illustrated Movie Companion went on sale today and i'd already be in town so that i wouldn't have to make a "special trip" to pick it up.

I may have dropped seth off at MMO at 9:15 and been at BAM by 9:23...or so.

i may have had my cash all ready to hand it over like my inner 14 year old. (but i didn't do that immediately because that would be a little weird.)

i may have noticed it right by the door, but walked all the way to the back where i know they have the twilight section to see if it was there first (b/c you know...i know i may have a slight tendency to be addicted to this series...and wonder how come since micah is so "white", how come he's not a 107 year old vampire named edward.)

i may have had exact change left over from my purchase to go across the street to chick-fil-a and get the number 2 combo for breakfast (and know again that God has perfect plans for our lives.)

i may have gotten home and held the book to my chest like it was a sweet letter that i had gotten from the love of my life and smiled big and giggled like betty rubble on the inside.

i may have been counting the minutes til the sis went to sleep so i could look over the pics until i had to pick up seth (ok. so i didn't spend that much time on pics, but i didn't DARE start reading it. that will come when i can be without children.)

i may have picked up some chicken salad from kroger on the way home from picking seth up and after a couple of bites thought it tasted weird. then giggled again as i thought of bella and her "rancid chicken" in breaking dawn.

it may have dawned on me that i have "issh-uhs" concerning the series.

the one thing i know for a fact...if i get sick tonight, i will KNOW it is from that chicken salad and not from me being pregnant (by my pale husband or a vampire. cause that's permanent. and after yesterday, i am praising God for that little procedure.) but...

i may giggle while it happens b/c i will totally be thinking about the chapter titled "unexpected."

i may have made you second hand embarrassed for me by letting you in on my twilight addiction. but that's ok. i will own it....maybe.


BASSakward Tales said...

that is ok...i love that series too...i am not addicted like you...but you will not be without children until friday evening...i will be sure to bring my books and crocheting....

Jan said...

You are not alone in your addiction! I'm right there with you!

I was shopping with one of my best friends yesterday and as I was looking over a rack she looked at me and said "you are SO Bella". Apparently, I have no sense of style just like Bella. She smiled devilishly at me and said, "good thing I'm Alice". ha!

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