Saturday, June 2, 2012


so...let's go back a little bit.  the beginning of this story started when my boys were in their respective 4 year old pre-K classes.  one of their field trips was to go bowling.  micah went on each of those trips because i always had a younger child or two at home when the trip came around so i didn't get to see how much my kids LOVE to bowl. 

last summer the boys spent a week with my parents while little sister and i went to camp.  during that time, aunt sherri introduced us to (you can also go to and they have a free bowling program for kids, as well.)  at both of these places you can sign your kids up and they can bowl 2 games for free every day of the summer.  did you hear that?  TWO GAMES FOR FREE EVERY DAY OF THE SUMMER!!!  people, that is quality indoor entertainment when it rains or is one thousand and sixty four degrees it tends to get in these parts say around the end of june.  you pay shoe rental and that's it.  this summer, we are signed up through both programs.  we could bowl half the day away folks.

so...that's the history.  what am i leading up to?  (man, my story telling skills are rusty!)  a few months ago, after micah's project manager at work got them together and they went out to the arsenal for some team bonding over bowling and a pizza buffet.  so the next time he had a day off and the kids were out of school, we loaded up the whole family and went bowling at the arsenal.

folks, that was a good time!  i can't lie.  the facility out there is awesome! i mean, the bumpers are in they go up and down on their own depending on who's bowling!  they even have a little alligator/dinosaur thing for little sister to use so she can bowl like a pro, too!

the pizza was as good as any buffet pizza can be and the staff was super nice and helpful.  i have to say, after this past week's experience, we were spoiled by bowling on the arsenal.  but hopefully we'll be at a little bit newer facility next week (as in one that was built in this century) and have an awesome time since we plan to enjoy some free bowling every week this summer.  give it a try!  it's good fun!


Tara said...

Looks like fun! We have signed up every year for the past two or three and have NEVER gone! We're just not big bowlers. But I am vowing to at least go once this summer!

Susannah said...

Good to know! I will have to see what we got around here...thanks!

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