Sunday, June 10, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday, Ally Claire

Dear Ally Claire,
Where to even begin my little lovely?  You are such a blessing, such a delight.  I've said it on here and I'll say it again so that you'll never question it.  I prayed you into existance little one.  I always wanted to be a mama.  I hoped I would be blessed and that I would get the experience of having both boys and girls, but if I'm being honest, and you know that's my way, I REALLY wanted a little girl.  You are ALLLLL girl!  Make no mistake about that.  You love all things girly and frilly and fluffy.  One of my favorite quotes from you this year was, "Mama...all it needs is sparkles and glitter!"  Pink and purple and glitter and crowns and princesses and nail polish and "spray" and bows.  You are sure to let me know when your "tip toes" get chipped and need to be redone.  You still cling to your purple Hippos that you've had since your "unfortunate incarceration" in the NICU (see links below), but you have allowed other animals to join the throng.  Not long ago, you fell out of bed at night and it was no wonder, you had so much in the bed with you, just like your big brother Luke.  I told you they pushed you out of bed!  You didn't seem to buy it.

But just because you are girly doesn't mean you aren't tough.  You give your brothers just as hard of a time as they give you.  You don't mind being a little dirty and playing outside and you still prefer that your hair look like a "cave woman's" most days.  All in your face and the bigger the better.

And smart.  My goodness you are so smart and verbal.  Luke's teacher thought you were older than you are because of how verbal and conversational you were when we went to have lunch with Luke's class at school!  You are really good at naming your numbers and can count to about 40, but those letters are giving you a hard time.  You're getting there, though, even if you DON'T want my help...with ANYTHING Miss Independant!

But sometimes being that smart has its downside.  You're also quite sassy in attitude and in speech!  You're my child so i doubt you'll outgrow it, but hopefully you'll learn to tame it a little and know when to use it to make people laugh or show boys that pretty girls can be smart, too!

I love you so much, Lucy.  I can't turn my back on you for a second.  Not just because you're into everything, but because if I do, I'll miss it and you'll be in school!  You'll be the hardest to let go of because you're the baby and because like I'd always hoped, we are so close. My hope is that you will continue to grow up strong and healthy, smart and sassy and that you'll always be beautiful and blessed.

Our family wasn't complete until you came along and I'm so thankful that you did!!

for her hard beginning...start here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6  Just click on the numbers. the posts are pretty short.

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