Saturday, June 14, 2008

6/14/08 update #2,3,& 4

read below to see what has gotten us to this update.

11:20 AM- ally claire is under the oxyhood down to 23% oxygen (room air is 21%) and will start feeds at noon today. if she tolerates the one with the tube, then they will advance her to a bottle feed when we are there today at 4pm. so please continue to pray for our little girl. she has had a huge past 24 hours and we are so proud of her and so thankful to our Almighty God for what He is doing. He is already making her a lesson to me.

4pm-AC is still doing well under the oxyhood at pretty much the same saturation. she took a bottle at 12 pm and gulped it down. we got to HOLD HER and FEED her for the 4pm feeding and she did great! holding her was absolutely the best thing this week. and it was an especially awesome early father's day gift for micah. i fed her and he burped her today and tomorrow we will switch duties. if she does well during the night, they will continue to go down on her oxygen under the hood. the goal is for her not to need any and to stay that way for at least 24 hours. they still have to go down on her IV as she continues to progress with her feeds. so those are the major prayer requests right now. we generally call before going to bed and in the morning. we will see her tomorrow afternoon. hopefully we will get to talk to the doc tomorrow to see how he thinks she is doing.
10:30pm- AC is doing the same. still hanging on at 23% under the hood. took her 8pm feeding like a rock star and burped really well. she had to have her IV replaced, but they only had to stick her once and she didn't even flinch (yay for the nurses and my super strong girl!!) hopefully she will just rest over night and will decide she is ready to be done with oxygen tomorrow. i will have my regular update times at 630ish, 11, 4 & 10. a super happy father's day to micah tomorrow. hopefully i'll get a good pic of him getting to hold his little lady and feeding her.


Dana said...

and a lesson to me as well. I have been thinking about you girl. I saw the pictures she sent and had to run to your blog to see if there was more info here. She's beautiful. We will pray for her to keep getting stronger and stronger. You so talk like a nurse. I didn't understand half of that. Glad you got to hold her. We will keep praying and waiting for updates.

Love you

Becca said...

So sorry to hear about Ally Claire's rough start, but it sounds like she's doing much better! Congrats on your baby girl! :) Thinking of you all...Becca

Vaughn said...

Becky you are a lesson to me. How wonderfully postive you are! Thanks for the updates and I hope that your beautiful baby girl will be doing well enough to come home soon!

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