Wednesday, June 4, 2008

the last visit

This is the last little picture of my tinkerbell. not that you can tell much, but it's just her profile and her hands up by her face. they estimate her to weigh 7 lbs and 8 oz. which might actually be pretty close. they were waaaaay off with luke and i never got a weight measurement with seth. but i have been thinking the whole time she'd be a little smaller and be around 7 1/2 lbs. so come tuesday we will see. i have to go monday morning and get some blood work done and he wants me there around.....4 honkin' thirty on tuesday. i believe i have already addressed the fact that i don't own a clock that has any hours before 6 a.m. on it, but i guess you gotta do what you gotta do for the ones you love. i did ask when i would be able to get out of bed and especially get my catheter out since this one would be earlier in the morning. i was thinking it would be that evening before bed or something. oh no. he said it would be the next morning. so i need serious prayers that i remember my Christianity and don't say anything profane to anyone about the catheter. i hate them with a passion and as soon as i get the feeling back, i know i'm gonna be begging someone to please relieve me from the beast. (yall know nurses are NOT good patients.)

we are otherwise doing well and right on track. i have a major grocery shopping trip for early saturday morning, hopefully followed by some swimming in my BILs pool. did i mention it was hot? how have any of you ladies that may read this that have summer babies made it?

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