Sunday, June 15, 2008

happy father's day!!

**scroll down for pics from yesterday**

i hope all the other dads from here had a great father's day. ours was a really good one!! we got to the hospital and sister was still under her hood, but the oxygen was at 20.9% (room air) and her saturation was staying between 97-100%. the nurse told us that the only time she is desaturating is when she is really, really asleep. and then she just needs just a tiny bit. so that is a great improvement. they decreased her IV again and went up on her feedings to 1 oz, which she gulped down and isn't spitting up any. we finally got to see her with her eyes open and to hear her little cry, which is a little hoarse right now from having a tube for so long. the best part of all...we got to hold her for like an hour and a half!! it could have been longer, but we needed to get home to the boys. yesterday we had to keep "blow by" oxygen by her face, but today were instructed to only use it if her O2 sat dropped below 85. we had to do that 4-5 times the whole time, so not too bad. she was fast asleep and was keeping her sat around 92% for the most part, so that is a good step. when we left, she didn't even put her back under the hood, she said she would just wait and see. so all in all, it was a really great visit for us. the doctor is hoping to get her out "towards the end of the week." i'm hoping thursday. so please continue to pray that she can keep her O2 sats up without need of additional oxygen. when she can do that, she will move across the hall to the progressive room to an open bed. i would love to see that by tuesday evening. i know it is all in God's hands and in His time. I cried out to Him this morning with an aching heart and aching arms and He answered. I am finding that I need this time to praise Him in every situation and to learn to pray without ceasing.


Melissa said...

I'm so happy to hear that little girl is holding strong...but what else would you expect? She is your child! :) You're a strong woman and it just passed down to her. The days will fly bu and you'll be home with her. She is just beautiful! Congrats to you, Micah, and the boys!

John, Kisti & Maren said...

Oh, Honey! I just prayed for you guys and that precious little girl! God is faithful! Keep seeking Him:)
With Love,

The Bowerman Blog said...

We've been anticipating your posts each day and we are so glad she is doing well and will keep praying for her every day. She is precious! I'm sure the Lord is hearing your prayers and you are only being strengthened by this. We love you and can't wait to see her.

Elodie said...

I'm so glad she's doing better. I keep trying to remind myself that the longer Evan stays in my belly, the better off he'll be. God is definitely in control. He is already doing great things with Ally Claire. I will continue to pray for all five of you!

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