Wednesday, June 18, 2008

little boys and beautiful girls

well...a progressive day indeed. last night i emailed with the nurse that we had at nights last week on the serious NICU side and she helped me more than anything. i mean 2 sentences of what she said was all i needed to know. when you are a nurse, there are just people you click with and connections you make that last forever. i feel that way about her. i also talked to the nurse that we have had the last couple of days and she got the neonatologist to call me this morning. she took sissy off of oxygen. she said she thought this was not a pulmonary problem. and she thinks it could likely be reflux b/c babies tend to hold their breath when they reflux into their esophagus, which might be what she is doing. also...the nurse started giving her more formula than i am sure she needs. (babies self soothe by sucking. well, if her belly hurts and you put a bottle in her mouth...duh...she's gonna suck. she'd do that on a paci, but i don't think anyone has tried that.) well today, micah and i were there to watch her for 3 feedings. i noticed with the 4 pm feeding she spit up afterwards...hadn't noticed that before. when i came back after quite time for her 8 feeding, the nurse said she had to give her an ounce an hour early b/c she was inconsolable. then the woman wanted me to feed her 4 more ounces at 8. child has only been eating since saturday. she is just 8 lbs...she doesn't need that much! but what do i know? i'm just her mother! but she and i got to have a great visit. she opened her eyes and we just sopped each other up like a biscuit.

all of that to say, we are 13 hours without oxygen. she has had a few drops when sleeping, but it self corrects. i'm going to call it reflux. her brothers both had it so it doesn't surprise me at all! so i am curious to see what happens when the doc rounds tomorrow. i talked to both nurses and both think that is the issue as well. that, my friends, is easily taken care of. been there, done that. so my little prayer warriors, i am asking you again...please keep little miss in your prayers. i am assuming that she will make it through the night with no issues and i am praying that we will be home by the weekend!!!

now...for my boys. they have been such super troopers this week. they have really hung in there with everything being so out of whack. they have been moved (a couple of months ago) into the same room in preparation for this little creature that we tell them exists...that they haven't even seen yet. my parents kept them while i was in the hospital and they came to see me every afternoon. so lots of back and forth. they have had multiple babysitters until today and have been the best little men. a couple of nights ago, micah went in to check on them before we went to bed and he didn't see seth in his bed. and he looked and seth had gotten in bed with luke and that is how they fell asleep. they have never done that before and it was the sweetest thing i have ever seen...until today when luke carried around a picture of his new sissy allllll day. God love 'em. I guess if you know how to charm them, even little snakes can be sweet sometimes.

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Tiffany said...

First of all, that is wonderful news and I will be pryaing for you today that you get the "all clear" to head home this weekend!

Secondly, your boys made me tear up -- first by being so good through all of this; secondly by that sweet photo you posted; and third, because of what you said about Luke carrying around a picture of AC. What a wonderful family you have! I pray you'll all get to be together very, very soon.

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