Friday, June 27, 2008

the best moment this week

is happening right now. i bet you know what i'm about to say...i have 3 kids ages 4 and under...ALL TAKING A NAP AT THE SAME TIME!!! i know this moment will probably never happen again, so i'm taking a second to document it. that and it's the first moment i have had to myself.

the week i was in the hospital, my kiddos decided to start waking up at about 6 a.m. and start coming into my bedroom to see pop and mimi. well, this is a problem b/c it took me a long time to train them to stay in their rooms until micah or I come in there to get them. it started when luke was little b/c we have a split floor plan and he has always been very quiet. and i couldn't guarantee that when he got up, that i would hear him. seth went through a spell of very early waking and what stopped it was knowing he couldn't get out of his bed. i am having the dangdest time breaking this new habit. especially since they are in the same room together. someone wakes up and starts talking to the other even if they aren't awake. so over the weekend, i have got a little work to do. it wouldn't be so bad even if it were 6:30 or so. but a lot of mornings over the last 2 weeks, it is as early as 5:45 and i'm just not having that. luke has been battling sinus/allergy stuff for the past couple of days and he has been getting up at 4 honkin' 30 in the morning. i was up feeding sissy this morning so i told micah to get on to him for trying to wake seth up, for the second morning in a row, and that didn't stop things, so i make luke come sit on the couch, alone, until breakfast at 7. (it's tough to be my kid.) so let me recap...2 mornings in a row...up at 4:30. the first day neither kid had a nap. yesterday their naps were short. there is no doubt i have had a migraine. last night, i was thankful i had some left over "medicine" from my c-section b/c nothing else had touched my headache.

now, last night we were getting the kids in to bed, doing their prayers and the usual routine. now, i don't always participate b/c if i always did, we'd never get to bed from stuff needing to get done. plus, this has always been special "daddy" time. but AC was asleep and i thought i needed to give sethy some extra attention. i left the door cracked b/c i knew it was getting close to time for AC to wake up and have a bottle. seth, closed it in his haste to do everything before luke could do it. well...i told micah to open the door back up when he was turning off the light...and someone, probably seth, had LOCKED US ALL IN!! (i have the door locks on the outside of the doors so they can't lock me out and so that the lock doesn't keep knocking holes in my walls from the kids pushing on the doors and breaking the door stops.) i suddenly felt sick. so i told micah just to go out the window. (thankfully he has a hide-a-key).

today we had ally claire's 2 week check up and she is looking perfect and beautiful. she is weighing in at 8 lb and 10 oz (yep, that is a 13 oz gain since coming home a week ago) and is 21 inches (75% on both of those) and her head is in the 50% range...very odd for my kids. the boys always had melons for little noggins!! Her doc was very pleased with how she is doing and the lady who did her repeat PKU said the good thing about her being in the NICU is that they get a little desensitized from all the pricks (b/c AC didn't flinch or cry with the heel stick or the squeezes.) I did get to witness some female drama queen twice today. i'm guessing it's a car seat thing. but gracious! i had to pull over on the way home just to get her to settle down. poor sethy was covering his ears. (she is actually a quiet crier. wait til he hears her go off when she's his age if she is anything like him!!)


Lauren S. Hauge said...

Hey Becky,
You have such a beautiful family! I am loving this blog thing because I feel like we are catching up with one another even though it's been 10+years! I am so glad your little girl is home safe and healthy. She is beautiful and you have been in my prayers. Good luck with 3! Love the blog!
Lauren Sims Hauge

Dana said...

Yea for an awesome two week check up! Glad things are going well! Ya'll had a rough start. Just find the pictures that you love and we'll design something to work for them. If there is a particular layout that you love, then you might want to try to do a picture to fit that. You can also browse the internet and if you see something that you like, send me a link to it and I can probably make something close.

How do I have two kids so alike but so different? Well, I think Emma looks like my side and Chloe like Adams. That's my explanation. But who knows...

Blessings :)

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