Monday, June 2, 2008

T minus 8...

a week from tomorrow, my little girl will finally be here. i am certain this will be a loooooong week as i really have nothing to do. my plan is to just kick back and try to savor the last remaining days as a mom of just 2. not that these 2 are easy. 2 boys equals 4 girls anyday in my opinion. but that remains to be proven from this gene pool. i have a doctor's appointment (my last OB appointment ever) on wednesday for an ultrasound. saturday i have a major grocery shopping trip to make as i will need to cover 2 weeks worth of stuff. fortunately i get my last pay check this week so that should be quickly burned through!! my family will come to town next monday. i need to be deciding what my "last meal" will be. it will probably be wednesday morning before i will want anything or can hold anything down, so i feel the need to make the most of it. our plan for now is for my dad and step mom to stay here with the boys at nights. i have no idea what the boys will want to do during the daytime, so we will play that by ear. micah will come home at supper time with them and help them get baths and ready for bed and will then come back to be with me, even though we DO live about 35-40 minutes from the hospital. but that really will make things easier. they are specific in what they do at night and how they are put to bed and things will already be so crazy, a little normal might go a long way. however, our plan is for them to just stay here thursday morning until i come home (which i expect i'll be coming home around lunch on thursday). 2 less people to wrestle in and out of things is always good, especially when you are already one down.

so barring anything exciting like going into labor or my water breaking, this is all there is left to do. my goal this week is to have all my laundry caught up (which for a brief shining moment it is) and to mop my floors. otherwise, i'll just get on with the thumb twiddling and refereeing. i knew this would happen in all of my OCDness. i don't even have thank you notes that need writing. so everyone update your blogs daily so i have something, anything, to do!!


Vaughn said...

I am so excited for you! I had the opposite of you 2 girls and then finally our boy and it was such an exciting time. I had a scheduled c-section so planning was possible. Sounds like you have everything down! Good lick and I can't wait to see pictures!

Amy Lu said... it really already time????

and you are positive this one has an "innie" and not an "outie" right???? I'm sure I'll hear the screams from over here if the latter comes out. :)

Tony and Susan said...

wow! i am glad you have everything done! that must be an awesome feeling! sorry, i'm a little slow posting right now...but i did add a few new blogs that i read so maybe that will help :)

Sarah said...

Lu - so wrong. Funny, but wrong.

Enjoy your last days, Becky!

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