Friday, May 30, 2008

finally friday

it is 8 a.m. and spankings have been given all around. i love to start my day straight out of bed that way. (for anyone who doesn't actually know me, please note the sarcasm in that last sentence.) i can not tell you how glad i am that it is friday and that i have 2 glorious days to have help with the evil powers that live in bedroom #2 in my house. i'm to that point where i have absolutely no patience left. it is hard for this mama to recite her Bible verse b/c that would mean i have to have control first and seriously, there is pretty much none left. I'm trying, but not succeeding. the battle we still have in the house is back talk/smart mouth stuff. and oh my goodness, i have never so much in my life wanted to cut little tongues out. you know how in the Bible they would cut people's hands off when they stole...i wonder....sorry. hormone surge plus lack of sleep. (and yes, i will milk that for the next 11 days as it is my last time to ever get to use it!!) wow...11 days...almost in the single digits.

people keep asking us if we are ready. well, i guess. i mean, are you ever ready? i have my bag packed, her bag packed, her seat in the car, all of her clothes washed, bottles and formula, diapers and wipes, passys and our beloved friend mylecon. the real question is am i ready for "the week after"? if i don't blog the week micah goes back to work, you may want to check on me and make sure i'm not locked in some room foaming at the mouth. (ashley, if you read this, you may want to come peek in my windows!!) it's only been in the last week or so that i have wondered how on earth i was gonna take care of 3 when i am still trying to figure out 2. but i'm not the first and definitely won't be the last. i'm sure my bi-line at the top will change from "the life and times of micah, becky, luke, seth & ally claire" to "the tuckers-our attempt at controlled chaos"...or something like that.

in some good news, i will get to go to a movie with my hubby tomorrow. what could be better? watching my boyfriend, patrick dempsey-a.k.a mcdreamy-on the big screen while holding hands with my main man over some popcorn and milk duds. nice.

i have got to get my camera cleared off, so when i do that, i'll add some pics of the monkeys. i'm not a good blogger mama like that to remember to include pics most of the time...or to remember to take the pictures and then download them. that requires effort!!

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Tony and Susan said...

i only put pics up every time because i am afraid of the wrath of the grandmothers :).

you should also milk the pregnancy for all of the random, not good for you food, as much as you can!

and you can totally handle 3!!

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