Thursday, May 22, 2008

thankful thursday

1. I'm thankful I had enough energy yesterday to get a lot done (wash the van, clean out the garage, strip and remake 2 beds, get the cradle into our room...)

2. I'm thankful that when the kids are outside, they play really well together. I think we should live outside.

3. I'm thankful we have enough stuff for them to play with outside so that they don't require me to do things for them.

4. I'm thankful that when I attempted to make pretzel salad today, I didn't screw it up for the very first time. Now I wish i would have made it with strawberry instead of peach!

5. I'm thankful that I have stuck to it this week and cooked everyday and not just picked up something quick. Getting back in that habit really does help the budget!

6. I'm thankful that even though I have had to bring my kids with me to the last 2 doctor's visits, Micah hasn't minded to sit and watch the boys instead of coming in with me.

7. I'm thankful that sister is hanging in there until full term and that everything was good today at the visit. (Still doesn't explain these last 2 nights of dreaming my water is going to break!)

8. I'm thankful that in 2 weeks at my doctor's appointment, I will get a glance at sister one last time since he wants to do one last ultrasound.

9. I'm thankful that there are only 19 days left b/c sleeping, or lact thereof, is getting crazy. On tonight's menu...benedryl!!

10. I'm thankful for little moments with my kids that i never write about. On tuesday we were outside and they wanted to pick "flowers". (Also known as weeds.) While picking the flowers, Luke noticed a couple of ladybugs crawling around. He just sat and watched them. Of course, he also encouraged his brother to stick his finger out there and try to pick one up. But it had been a bad morning with them and I'm glad I get to be here to see the truly sweet times, as well as the truly devil times!

Bonus: As always, I'm thankful for Micah. I'm interested to see how he takes to this little girl. I'm also anxious to have one last date with him. I better be finding a babysitter!

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Tony and Susan said...

WOW! #1...are you kidding me?!? that sounds like work for about 5 people! you better take it easy girl :)

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