Monday, May 5, 2008

the weekend

luke was sick over the weekend. all he wanted was his daddy. which is absolutely nothing new, however when your baby is sick and you are the mama and a nurse, it kinda kills you and you basically take it as "i only think daddy can take care of me. i don't trust you." it was a wonderful little combination of all the junk he ate on saturday. so that helped me decide that he no longer gets (much of ) a say in what he eats. i have mentioned before how picky he is, but man!! i know he is plenty big enough to at least try things. he absolutely refuses...but i guess he will have to wait until the next meal if he can't at least take one bite. and i have tried everything under the sun. but it's his personality. seth has always been good to take 1 bite. luke never would. he's fun like that.

today he started the day acting just kind of puny. however all i had to mention was "craft time" and he was himself. (can you say "i want some attention?") he still doesn't have much of an appetite, but he has enough energy to fight with seth, so that's a positive sign.

well, i better cut this short as i have luke on one side wanting me to build a house with blocks and seth on the other wanting me to play "don't break the ice"...or hammers as they call it. i'm wondering if this is what is in my future in the next couple of weeks when micah is back at work and i have 3 to myself, 2 of which will still be in adjustment.


Tiffany said...

I love Don't Break the Ice! I didn't know it still existed! Is this the old school versioo with the red plastic old man sitting in the chair in the middle of the frame?

Anyway, I'm glad Luke is feeling better and I hope you enjoy your last month with just the two of them before the little lady arrives!

becky said...

well, it seems old school to me. however the little red plastic bear is on ice skates now.

CL said...

My cousin's little boy is 5 and he is really picky too. About a month ago she started "WHEN YOU HAVE, THEN YOU MAY" and it works pretty well so maybe you should try it. For example, if he really likes french fries at Chick Fil A but doesn't like the nuggets you say, "When you have eaten two nuggets, then you can have some more fries!" She has gotten Connor to eat Chicken Casserole and all kinds of other stuff. You can even do when you have eaten...., then you may watch tv....or whatever. Even if it's just a bite, it's a start! Good luck! Sounds like you have your hands full!

The Bowerman Blog said...

I'm glad Luke is better. It stinks when your kids are feeling bad.
We went to the Birmingham Zoo - had a blast. I've heard the Memphis Zoo is the best around.
Good luck at the zoo. Rest a lot and take it easy while you are there :)

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