Thursday, May 1, 2008


Ally Claire will be here June 10th at 7am! (now i'm NOT pumped about getting up at 3:45, but it's not like i'll be sleeping. i mean i have to be there at 5!!!)


Dana said...

yea!! Wow, that's soon! I'm sure it's seemed long to you but it seems like time has flown to me. She'll be born on a Tuesday... Tuesday's child is full of grace.

Love you!

becky said...

coincidentally, all 3 of mine will have been born on a tuesday!

Michael and Hannah said...

Exciting! To answer your question, our daughter's first name is Anna and her middle name is Kate, but what I was trying to tell you is that after Ally Claire arrives, both of her names will truly feel like one name to you, and you might wish you had given her another name so she can have a true middle name like her siblings. I wasn't sure if I wanted Anna Kate to be her first name, or if I wanted Anna to be her first name and Kate to be her middle name, but now I have total regret! It's like there's an empty spot between her first name and her last name, because Anna Kate feels so natural as a name to us now, just like Hannah or Becky or Luke. Just my tidbit of unsolicited advice for the day!

Tony and Susan said...

well, at least you will have the rest of the day to sleep, right? yeh, right!! so excited you have that actual date to shoot for now. at least it's a few weeks early, right??

Tiffany said...

June babies RULE!!!!!!!

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