Monday, May 19, 2008

Menu Monday

(actually my menu starts on sunday) i have been taking a serious hiatus from the cooking world. by the end of a season, i get burned out. and with everything that was going on with selling the house/visiting parents/preschool/work...i just let it go only cooking a real meal (meaning something that requires effort) 2-3 x a week. but now preschool is over, we are waiting on the house, i'm done with work on friday and sissy will be here in 3 weeks, i'm back on the cooking scene. i have no choice b/c i will need to save money anywhere i can with 3 kids. plus, i don't enjoy going out to eat with the 2 i have...i doubt i'm gonna want to drag 3 with me!!

BBQ Meatballs
Corn on Cob

PM: leftovers/sandwiches, whatever you can find

Chicken & Dressing
Butter Peas
Carrot Souffle' (recipe to follow on tasty tuesday if it's good)

Baked Beans

Mexican Casserole

Steak Fingers
Tater Tots
Broccoli w/cheese

whatever i pick up on the way home

Baked lemon pepper fish
garlic mashed potatoes
corn on cob

sometime this week i will be making zucchini bread. some to eat now and some to freeze for when sister gets here. speaking of, i will be grocery shopping in a major way this weekend as i take next week to get some meals put together and frozen in preps for sister. i'll try to remember to post next week on my freezer plans.


Hillary @ The Dunham Diaries said...

Hey Becky,
Good to catch up with you via blog! Are you in Athens?? I'm in Huntsville!!
Your children are precious and congrats on the impending arrival or a GIRL!! I can't imagine such! She'll be wonderful!
Let me know if you are in Athens,

The Bowerman Blog said...

Whoa - good for you! Looks like some yummy meals to me. Hope Rodney doesn't see that weekly menu. I'm bad about cooking the same things over and over. But you gave me some new ideas.

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