Wednesday, May 21, 2008

random wednesday mommy wonderings

I wonder when...

I'm gonna get to use the "potty" alone
I'm gonna get to shower alone
I'll be completely done potty training people, and therefore be completely done with diapers/pullups
I'll get to reinhabit my old body
I'll stop cleaning the floors and table 5x a day
I'll have the opportunity to have real life friends and not just the ones that live in my computer
I'll get to go away overnight with just my hubby
I'll get to hear about friend problems
I'll get to hear about boy/girl problems
I'll not worry that I'll need to take little people to the E.R.
I will get to stop breaking up fights
I will get to start going on field trips
I will get to tell my daughter that gymnastics and cheerleading are awesome and hope that she agrees
I will remember what girl world is like
I will quit fixing sippy cups
I will stay up late waiting for someone to come home
I will sit in the stands and cheer for my little ones...and not want to cry about how big they are
I will tell them about the mistakes I've made in the past
I will quit having to say "no" and "stop that"
I will quit saying "just a minute"
All of these things are just a memory, I'll wonder where the time went

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