Thursday, May 15, 2008

thankful thursday

(zoo pics added to the post below)

i'm thankful that seth has a more willing attitude about most things than luke does.

(swollen mama on mother's day!)

i'm thankful that i get a vacation in less than 4 weeks, even though i have to be sliced and diced to get it.

i'm thankful that MY family (which actually includes some of my friends) sees the importance of being there for me, micah and ACs birth, even though she is the 3rd.

i'm thankful that i don't live around water b/c there are too many kids getting hurt within a few seconds right now. their families are just on my heart.

i'm thankful that i felt better yesterday and today than i did the last few days. mama is getting too old for this.

i'm thankful that DHR isn't within earshot of my house most days.

i'm thankful that school is over tomorrow. no more driving that much.

i'm thankful that my life isn't complicated.

i WILL be thankful when it is naptime...that is the bestest part of my day...well, actually bedtime is. at least then i can spend time with micah...well, an hour, but that counts, right?

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