Tuesday, May 27, 2008

nothing in general

not a whole lot going on around here. i'm just sitting and waiting basically. i finished with work on friday...and not a moment too soon. it was really starting to wear me out and that is one day a week. luke finished with school the week before that. so basically i either wait out the 2 weeks until she comes, or see if anything happens on it's own. my feet have started swelling a little, but nothing too bad. sleeping is never very good these days, but i just consider it preparation for what is to come the next couple of months. so basically i get up, eat, pee, break up fights and repeat.

tonight i have a "shower" with some people from church. i think basically it will be some of the other moms i know eating supper at Rosie's and they will give me a gift certificate. i should sound and be more greatful, but it's just kind of the way things have been done. which makes me even more ready to move so we can get back to the church family that we love and have truly missed.

luke and seth are loving going outside everyday and actually as long as they are outside, they play sooooo good together. boys are just territorial and need space is all i can figure out. today it is raining so it's a little hairy around our house. they are getting so used to spending hours outside everyday. it makes me wonder if they are gonna want to be at the hospital much or if they'd just rather be at home. i figure that is just something we'll have to figure out as we go.

luke's observation this weekend was made while walking into church sunday morning. we passed an older lady going getting out of her car and big mouth says "hey...her hair is white!" i wanted to dig a hole in the cement and crawl in. fortunately she just went right along with it and said "no baby. it's blonde. that's what my mama used to always say." now, remember, my child has a blonde mama and it's not the "blonde" that he knows. so he just went on about his business.

well, if you have read this, it means you are a true friend with nothing else to do but to bore yourself to tears. sorry about that. but i guess that is just kind of where we are. the daily routine of endless laundry, trips to the potty (for all 3 of us), use of a jillion wipes on faces, hineys and tables, and just making sure i'm ready for what is to come!

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Tony and Susan said...

thanks for the update on "nothing" :). i was starting to worry :). just a few more weeks and you'll get to hold your baby girl!!!

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