Saturday, May 17, 2008

35 weeks

so i find that after every time that i eat, sister gets the hiccups. i wonder if it annoys her as much as it does me. i've also noticed that as the weeks wear on, my patience is wearing thin. like i said...there is a reason there is a cut off point in carrying babies. i haven't been sleeping as good, but i didn't really think it had anything to do with being uncomfortable. and i have been really sleepy during the day. turns out...i've started snoring. now, i knew there always came a time in my pregnancies that i snore a little bit. can't help it when a person is diminishing your lung capacity and you have to sleep on your sides or if they need a break, your back for a little bit. but micah said it's a little more consistant this time and i have woken myself up a few times also, so i'm guessing i may be having a little bit of apnea, which means i'm waking up more, which makes me more tired during the day. 3.5 more weeks and she'll be here. i'm ready to have my body back for good. this baby comes at a good time. nothing like needing to be outside with your kids in shorts and going to the pool to motivate you to lose any and all baby weight. in the mean time, i'm going to convince myself to enjoy every last kick because this will be the last time!!

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