Thursday, May 8, 2008

thankful thursday

-Luke ate his applesauce the last couple of days. score for us and still having a link to the fruit/veggie world.

-Cervix is closed which is good b/c i've had a lot of pressure over the last few days.

-We are taking the kids to the Nashville Zoo and to the Rainforest Cafe this weekend for our final family of 4 hoorah.

-I have 3 weeks of work left.

-I'll have a baby girl in 4.5 weeks, thus ending my new sciatic pain.

-Luke only has 3 days of preschool left, which means i'll be saving 100$ a month in gas until the fall.

-b/c of the stimulus check, we will pay off more debt, save money for Christmas and put money on a giftcard that will only be used for formula and diapers. thanks GW.

-my sunday morning class is awesome this quarter and i will be sad to miss it a couple of weeks after sissy gets here. i hope our teacher and his family are completely blessed for the effort he is putting into the study.

-my hubby who is my bestest pal in the whole world. i just love 'im and he always deserves a shout out.


John, Kisti & Maren said...

I copied your Motivation for Mom thingy...too cool! Thanks:)

becky said...

no worries. i copied it from someone, too. i don't even remember who!!

Tony and Susan said...

i heart gw and i heart thankful thursdays!

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