Tuesday, May 13, 2008

our last outing

this past weekend we took the boys to nashville for the day for our last outing as the tucker 4. it was the last weekend i could travel that far so we needed to fit it in. we took the kids to the zoo and after that to opry mills to the rainforest cafe.

well...let me just say that i never know what to expect from my kids when we plan to do things with them. we never know if they will enjoy it or just be little pills. they are fun like that. and i have to say that this was actually the most unprepared i have ever been for a trip. i was scrambling around that morning getting things together, but i knew i had everything. we left at about 8:30 and headed out. the trip was uneventful, which is always good. we went into the zoo, but i left our snacks in the van b/c i wasn't sure you could take them in. (for anyone's future reference...take them with you.) we paid and went on in. we decided to rent a double stroller (the kind like they have at disney and that everyone should have) just in case the kids got tired. luke was lovin the zoo. now granted, he's look at the animals and be ready to move right on along. seth...well, he was his usual "charming" self. he decided it best to pitch a fit for a lot of the visit. that is how he operates a lot these days. but we made it through and went on to the restaurant.

this is where i wasn't sure how luke would react. he doesn't love loud stuff (which is surprising due to how loud he is around the house) but i thought he would think it was pretty neat. and he did. but once the monkeys and gorillas started their thing he would just say "they are being too loud" and cover his ears. but other than that, no reaction at all. i guess i was the only one impressed by it. party poopers.

i'll post the couple of pics i made later when my battery isn't almost dead!! but we made it. no one got killed and it's doubtful that we'll go back. but we made the effort and that's what matters. at least luke enjoyed most of it.

off to deal with a major whiney hiney. someone is in for a majorly rude awakening in 4 weeks!!

(i'd be that tired too if i pitched a fit that big!!)


Jan said...

Not too much longer till baby sister gets here. I am glad luke had a good day! I am a little jealous! I love the zoo. I am even thinking of going (yes, as an adult by myself) in the next couple of weeks! Can't wait to see pics of Ally Claire!

John, Kisti & Maren said...

Sounds like a fun trip:)

Where are you living? My youngest sis lives about 1 1/2 hours from Nashville.

Tony and Susan said...

i can't believe you were up for that sort of trip! you must be a great mom!

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