Saturday, June 7, 2008

2 days 20 hours

but who's counting??

this morning i got up early and braved walmart. between what we already had on hand and what i bought, i am hoping we are good through the end of the month (with the exception of milk which i am starting to think we should just buy a cow cuz milk surely ain't free.) thank goodness for sam's, though where you can still get it for 2.79. we go through more than 2 gallons a week. when sister starts in a year...oh my goodness. i got a few new freezer casserole dishes to put a few things in the deep freeze and got my hospital magazines, so i'm good to go. today micah is cutting the grass and we are gonna go swim this afternoon. tomorrow is church, micah bathing the pups and we are doing some general cleaning. monday i need to get the car washed and the boys bag packed and i will be all set. all my peeps should start arriving mid afternoon and the chaos will ensue! i look forward to getting some away from home time (a LITTLE quiet) and i really especially look forward to those couple of nights when i'm there b/c those are some super sweet night time feedings. that is some serious bonding with me, micah and the babe. it's quiet and no one is around but us. you never have those times again in quite the same way.

pop and mimi don't read this, but i'm super thankful that they will be parked right outside and that i can wake them up to come inside with the boys at 4 a.m. on tuesday. that's love.


Vaughn said...

I am super excited for you! Good Luck! Can't wait to see pics!!

The Bowerman Blog said...

Rodney and I will be in Miami this week, but will be thinking about you and your family. Can't wait to see the new baby girl. Good luck and I hope everything goes wonderfully.

Tony and Susan said...

wow!!! so soon!!! can we be on the call list for some point on birth day? if you don't have my #, email me. yay!

Lisa said...

Good Luck tommorrow. I can't wait to see some pictures. I'll be thinking about you!

Tiffany said...

Please tell me you didn't wash your car yourself.

becky said...

not yet, but i fully intend to with the help of 2 small munchkins.

suz, email me your digits.

be on the look out for micah to make a guest post!!

Tiffany said...

You are such a beast!!!

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