Tuesday, June 3, 2008

less than a week

ya know what i hate about summer time? i hate bugs. seriously. we are putting a hurting on OFF skintastics and cortisone cream. this afternoon i spent 2 hours outside with the kiddos. we played in the back yard, then went in the pool and then back out back. from all the afternoons i have been spending in the swing, i am starting to sport a major flip flop tan.

tomorrow is my last OB appointment and after that i am going to the Macaroni Grill with my main squeeze as part 2 of our last date for a while. nice. then i am going to dinner with a friend. my feet will be huge tomorrow night from all the sodium, but i'll survive.

ADDENDUM: was inside for about 20 minutes and then went back outside for another hour with my neighbors. i love day light savings time. plus...that will make my kids even easier to go to bed. i'm thinking little ones will be passed out no later than 8 tonight. SWEET!!

i had a point to this post over an hour ago when i started it, but now i'm not sure what it was. so i'm off to make biscuits and scrambled eggs for supper and the best part is my sweet neighbor brought me some awesome nanner puddin to wash it down with. probably not a good idea before the last weigh in, but i'll deal!! trust me when i say it's worth it!! maybe i'll have a new/last pic to post tomorrrow. so until our next nail biting post (lol)...

1 comment:

Tony and Susan said...

we better get a last pic!! so excited the time is finally here!!!

luke's comment was SO funny! i was laughing so hard!

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