Thursday, September 23, 2010

thankful thursday

Thank you will never be enough to say for all of the prayers and thoughts and words you have sent up for me and for the Griffies family.
I'm thankful for:
  • laundry, dirty dishes and piles of toys
  • getting to be here to take care of all of those things
  • my hubs whom I adore. everything about that man makes me giddy and lovesick today
  • a God who gives us a home in Heaven and gives me another day to try to 'get it right'
  • curly red hair, straight copper penny hair, and curly golden brown hair and the heads all of that hair resides on. i'll sniff it and run my fingers through it every day.
  • friends who pray for you and for families they don't know
  • that i knew susan. she was a good friend, a wonderful wife, mom and Christian. she was also a wicked prankster! there are too many laughs to count.


Lindsey said...


The HoneaBees said...

Losing good friends always puts life into perspective. I just don't think we are old enough to have to go through that!
Praying for her family and yours! love ya!

Dana said...

My heart is still breaking :(.. I guess it always will..

I love you.

And thanks for being willing to address the untouchables..

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