Tuesday, September 21, 2010


susan and claire

tony and jonah

i have a friend from college who underwent a surgery today on her brain. i'm thinking she was going to have angioplasty. there was supposed to be a really low incidence of complications. however, a friend from troy called to let me know that susan has had a stroke. she called a few minutes ago to let me know that they have taken her back into emergency surgery because she is having swelling in her brain and they need to relieve the pressure.
Update: The docs are having difficulty getting Susans BP stable. She does have increasing pressure in her brain and they don't know why. They are considering putting a drain in. The CT results will be in an hour to an hour and a half. With ...the blood thinners she has been on prior to today, all this is "tricky."Her Doc said he "does not like what he is seeing." Tony is hanging in
there but we DESPERATELY need your prayers.

this couple is awesome. tony was micah's roommate at the christian student center. we were very close. they struggled with infertility for years. we prayed for them fervently during those years. they now have twins that are basically 8 months older than ally claire. they are actually some of the first people we told about her (it was when they called to tell us the twins were born.)

please please please pray for susan and tony. she is young and healthy, so has that in her favor. but she is extremely critical right now. you can find her blog on my blog listed as susan. here is a snippet of the background on her issue.

I have been having numbness/tingling in my fingers on my right hand for a while. The doctor thought it was carpal tunnel. I had a couple of times when my whole right side went numb so he finally sent me for an MRI and then an MRA when the MRI showed something going on in my left middle cerebral artery. With the MRA, they found some narrowing of that artery that was causing TIAs. 2 neurologists later they have decided to send me to a neurosurgeon in Tampa at USF (September 2). He will decide whether to do an angiography to determine the severity of the narrowing and decide where to go from there. In the meantime, I am on a full dose of aspirin, Plavix (blood thinners), and Crestor (my cholesterol was high last time they checked). I haven't had any symptoms since I was put on these lovely drugs (I was having symptoms a few times a week before that).


Susannah said...


Lindsey said...

i worked with her at southtrust in troy?! please keep us posted. will pray for them tonight...

Melissa said...

Already praying! Please keep us posted!

CLS said...

Becky, my heart is in my throat with all this news, especially your latest update on FB. Please let me know if we can do anything to help. Prayers going up continuously!!!

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